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Everytime i saw him, i started to cry.
I know i was going to cry everytime i saw him until the giorno he leaves.
Niall stared at me, giving me a little smile.

"you two go on up stairs and ill make te some snacks now" my mum said.
"but mum its gone 10" i said.
"so your telling me te dont want a snack?" my mum said.
"no we wants snacks!" me and niall laughed.
Thats the first time ive laughed in a few hours.

I went upstairs with Niall and sat on my bed.

"Niall im going to miss you" i cried.
"Ill miss te too!"Niall said, baciare me.

15 minuti later...

"SNACK TIMEEEE" my mum shouted, whilst pushing the door with her bum because she had no hands spare.

She put a bowl of crisps, a plate of mini pizzas, a bag of wine gums and some chicken pieces on a plate on, on superiore, in alto of my tavolo in my room.

"Thanks mum" i said.
"thank you" Niall smiled.

My mum left me and Niall alone and we ate the Cibo and treasured one of the last nights we would ever have together. The last few days of half term flew by. Me and Niall just stayed together 24/7. We stayed at mine everynight and we stayed in his every day.


Monday morning.....


My alarm clock woke me at 7:30.
I got up and all of a sudden, i realised that Niall was leaving tonight.
I was all out of tears because i'd been crying all week about him leaving, but i still felt like dieing.

I know it sounds horrible but Niall hadn't told anyone that hes moving tonight exept me.
So harry and all the group are going to be devastated.

Trying not to think about Niall, i went into the bathroom, brushed my teeth, straightened my hair and put some makeup on.
I quickly got changed into my uniform, then went downstairs for some breakfast.

"Morning love" my mum smiled.
"morning" i replied.

I went and joined Maryanne in the kitchen, a tad upset.

"whats wrong?" maryanne asked.
"nothing" i replied.

She didnt no that Niall was moving either.

I had my breakfast then left for school. This was Niall's last giorno EVER to be in our school. This was the last giorno EVER that i'd walk to school with him. This was the last giorno EVER that i'll ever see him.

I tapped on his front door and looking as amazing as ever, he stepped out.
I looked at him and he looked at me, then i burst into tears.

"Jess please" he detto softly.
"I cant help it Niall" i replied.
"I know" he said, holding my hand.

We walked to school and all i did was cry.

"Jess we are here, now stop crying" Niall laughed.
"ok" i answered.

We walked through the school gates and lots of kids were laughing and messing around.
We came to our reg class and our group were all sat on the tables gossiping.

"Niall when are we going to tell them?" i asked.
"Now" he said, pulling me towards them.
The teacher wasn't here yet so everybody was talking.

"heyy guys!" eloise smiled, hugging us.
"alright guys?" tracy asked.

Me and Tracy were cool now. She apologised about the Niall thing and she even bought me concerto tickets for me and her to go and watch justin bieber, so i couldnt stay mad with her forever could i?
She was also back together with Louis.

"Hi" i said, trying to smile.
"whats up guys? why do te both look so upset?" harry asked.
"OMG jess have te been crying?" zayn asked.
"Uhh guys, i kinda need to tell te something" Niall said.
"Oh whats up?" everyone asked.
"you and jess havent diviso, spalato up have you!" Eloise asked.
"haha nooo" Niall laughed.
"tell us then" liam said.
"Im moving back to Ireland tonight" Niall said.
There was silence for a few minutes.

I looked up and everyone had tears in their eyes.

"why?" Harry finally asked.
"my mum and dad have had a divorce!" niall said.
Everyone turned and stared at us.
"you cant" eloise cried.
"Niall dont!" Rebeca sobbed.
"Im going to miss te guys" Niall said, tears in his eyes.
"we'll miss te too!" we all cried.

Today went sooo slow.
I cried all day, so did everyone else.
To be honest Louis was actually the worst. All the boys had tears in their eyes but Louis kept crying like me.



I was stood on my front lawn, watching Niall and his mum get into the car.
I had tears streaming down my face and i had a really bad headache because i was crying so much.

Niall's mum packed the final suitcase into the car.
"thats it niall" she said.

Niall turned to me with tears in his eyes.
"this is it" he said.
I detto nothing but cry.
"Im gonna miss te babe!" he said.
"I'll miss te too" i cried.

"Come on Niall" his mum said.
"Bye Jess" he said, staring into my eyes.
"bye" i sobbed.

Niall kissed me on the lips then walked away.
He opened the car door and looked at me.
I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed.

The most gorgeous guy in the whole wide word was staring at me. I didnt realise how much he ment to me until i realised, he wasnt going to be with me anymore.

"NIALL COME ON!!" His mum shouted.

"Take care babe, ill always remember you" he said.

The car doors closed and the car drove off.

I was left there crying my eyes out on my front lawn.
That was the last time i'd ever hear his deep husky Irish voice ever again.

"Jess whats wrong?" came a familiaur voice.
It was Maryanne.
"Nialls gone" i sobbed.
"where?" maryanne asked.
"Ireland!" i cried.
"OMG WHY!!!" maryanne shouted.
"too sad to explain" i sobbed.

I walked back inside, leaving Maryanne outside.
I went up into my bedroom and cried into my pillow.
I actually cant believe im not going to see Niall again. He will never tell me face to face that he loves me again. He will never be there for me when i need someone. But most importantly.. he wont be there holding my hand, making me feel like im the only girl in the world.


My phone rang.
With a blury vision, i pressed answer on my mobile.
It was Eloise.
"Hey" she said.
"hi" i sobbed.
"im guessing he left" she said.
"yeaa" i cried.
"come over mine" she detto softly.
"ok" i answered, hanging up.

I ran downstairds and out the front door.
My mum was in work so i didnt have to tell her.
I ran to Eloise's house and she was waiting on the front door step for me.

As soon as i saw her i literally jumped into her arms.

"Eloise hes gone!" i sobbed.
"I know, i know" she said, rubbing my back.
I cried whilst hugging her.

"Come inside, its freezing!" she said.
I went inside with her and sat on the sofa.
"Mum and dad are out tonight" she said.
"cool" i replied.
I was that upset that i didnt know what i was saying. I couldnt pay attention to anything o anyone.
I just wanted to be with Niall and only Niall.

"Jess i know this must be sad for te but it will be sad for all of us and we need to stick together" eloise said.
"but i will miss him" i said.
"we'll all miss him. Jess he will never forget about you! te were his world" Eloise detto softly.
I couldnt help but cry. He even detto to me that i was his whole world.
Niall was the one for me. Everyone else in our group had someone to cuddle with and tell them that they Amore them.
But i didnt have anyone. I only had memories.

Eloise cheered me up a little. We did eachothers Nails and watched some tv, then she walked me home at 9.
I really dont know why she walked me home because i only lived a few streets away but thats eloise for you.

"Bye Jess, and remember just give me a ring if te need me" Eloise smiled.
"ok bye" i smiled.
she gave me a hug, then i went inside.

"Jess where have te been?" my mum asked.
I guess she was home from work.
"Eloise invited me over to cheer me up"i answered.
"Oh" my mum replied.
My mum obviously forgot that Niall was moving tonight.

I didn't feel very well. I had a bad belly and my head was killing.

"mum i dont feel well" i said.
"Jess its probably from all the drama, go get an early night" my mum said.

All of a sudden, i was sick EVERYWHERE.
"I told te mum" i answered.
"ok jess go on up and ill clean this up and bring up some medicine!" my mum said.
"thanks!" i answered.

I went upstairs into my bathroom and had a quick wash and got into bed.
I think i was coming down with the flu because i kept getting cold then hot then cold then hot.

My mum came into my room and gave me a hot water bottle and some medicine.

"Jess te dont look well enough to go to school tomorrow" my mum said.
"ok" i said.
"heres a bowl if your sick" my mum said.
"thanks" i answered.
She left then i put the bowl down on the floor da my bed.
See! This is what missing someone does to you!


4 months later.....

It was now the summer holidays and today i was going to see Justin Bieber with Tracy.
Every morning i wake up, i see Niall. Well a picture of Niall.
My mum had put a huge picture of him on my bacheca and i baciare it every night to go to bed.

Niall's number had changed and stupid us forgot to tell eachother. So both of us hadn't spoken to eachother since he left.

We spoke most nights on facebook. He had made new Friends and was settling in well.
I just wish we would come back to be honest.

I was on the bus with Tracy. The concerto was only 20 minuti away and me and tracy were so exited!!

"Hows my hair?" Tracy grinned.
"Fine" i laughed."Hows mine?".
"Lovely!" she giggled.

The bus pulled up outside the concert, and me and tracy jumped off the bus.

There were hunders of girls queing up to get inside.
Me and Tracy went and joined the end of the que.
We finally got inside and went and found our seats.
We were in the 3rd row from the front.
"thank te so much for taking me" i shouted.
"its the least i could do" she shouted back.

The acts before Justin were boring. No one heard of them and they couldnt even sing.

All of a sudden, the big screen came on and it started counting down.
A big bang of smoke went up in the air and then we could see Justin Bieber.
"ITS JUSTIN" i screamed.
"OMGGGGG!" Tracy screamed.
"WE Amore YOUUU JUSTIN!!!!!!!!" Me and Tracy screamed.
Justin actually looked at us and gave us a cheeky wink.
Omg i felt like i had just died and came back to life.
Justin Bieber had actually noticed us.

"Baby baby baby ohh like baby baby baby" he sang.
This song actually made me upset because this used to be Nialls ring tone.
Instead of Canto along i just stood there.
"WHATS WRONG?" Tracy shouted.
"OH" She shouted.
When the song ended i finally cheered up again.

Me+Tracy sang along to his songs all night.
It was the best night i'd had for a long time.
The following day...

There were new neightbours that had moved in across the road. Well they had moved in this morning.
"Jess do te mind coming with me to give this cake to the new neighbours?" my mum asked.
"mum they dont even know te and your giving them cake!" i answered.
"im just being kind" my mum answered.
I followed her outside and across the road.
Well they werent successivo door neighbours but they lived across the road from us.

My mum asked me to knock the door because she had a cake in her hand.

I tapped the door and finally someone answered the. He was tall, blonde and gorgeous.
It was Mr.Niall Horan!<33
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