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HarrysHair posted on Jan 24, 2012 at 02:24PM
Hi Guys!!!

New here so go easy

I was at the liverpool gig on the other sunday (was AMAZING by the way!!!) and the guys we were sat with were all going on about this ChaCha thing and were asking it all these OD questions. stuff like What hotel are OD staying at and questions about the boys and all sorts. It's basically like 118118 but the answers are free instead of £1.50 so you just pay to send a normal text message and thats it..Was pretty cool and they sure knew a fair bit about Harry, some of the girls were asking some really tough questions.... stuff I didnt know anyway..

If anyone wants to give it a go text them on 85852, have sent them some questions about where OD is etc...

hope this is of use to someone, been using it since the concert to keep up to date with the boyz movements..

Take it easy.....

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più di un anno fa niallheartsme said…
OMG OMG OMG just tried this. It works. So happy I could just screammmmmmmmm. Niall is mine forever and ever and ever and ever. Thank you soooooo much 4 posting. Gonna try another question, already done five, its addictive. Love what they've told me about Niall.
OD 4 me 4eva 4eva 4eva, eva, eva, eva
più di un anno fa HarrysHair said…
Hi Girls!

I used the ChaCha Txt 85852 service again this week to get a full list of their appearances on Tv, Its def worth doing for only 10p so you dont miss anything and can put it in ya sky+ lolzzzz

So get ANY 1D questions sent in to 85852 on ya mobile cos they seem to have all the info and it saves you spending hours looking it all up. lol