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Sarah, Addie, Sabina and I decided to write Mark a letter and tell him what he should do to make OTH like it was! AWESOME♥! Here it is.....

From: LLT Girls!♥
To:OTH’s “writer”, Mark Schwan!
Subject: ONE JAMIE HILL…Not to brag but we’re better than you!

Dear Mark,

I’m sure that when te finish Leggere this letter which, with so much love, I decided to write to you, in your mind there will be two thoughts: 1. SUICIDE! 2.Follow my advice! I hope you’ll do the second, not because I care about you, but because te know I’m amazing! LOL! Well enough with that....Me and some of...
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 My preferito is still "Your art matters, it's what got me here"
My favorite is still "Your art matters, it's what got me here"
Being the last leyton fan of the mese i got to do the interview for the NEW fan of the month! && OMG i loved doing this interview! i abso-fucking-lutly Amore Rachel! ♥ she totally deserves this!

1.Which Brucas fan do te hate the most? …… LMFAOO totally kidding!!
HAHA I almost answered this!!

the real domande lol :

1. Peyton preggers o cancer? What do te think about this?
Well I really hope Peyton has a bun in the forno and not cancer. I know we all want our Leyton baby!

2. What is your favourite Leyton quote?
My preferito is still the season 1 "Your art matters, it's what got...
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MY FIRST CRAZY NEWS IS....In Episode 6.01 Skillz and Brooke are in letto together!!!! Yes Skillz and Brooke..Maybe a dream sequence o something and I am like freaking out!!!

New side with Haley..not sure which episode yet…

Haley sits with Samantha, a scorned 15 anno old, at school. Haley asks her if they’re going to sit in silence o deal with the issue. Sam talks about bad memories about foster parents. Haley asks what she wants to do with her life and Sam says she’d like to be a veterinarian. Sam says they don’t deserve any harmful treatment unlike things her parents did to her. Sam...
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After being accepted to the team, Lucas plays his first game as a albero collina Raven.

Elsewhere, Peyton goes to sumbit her drawings to Thud magazine, but throws them in the bin.

Peyton and Nathan continue to grow further apart after Peyton flips out about Nathan's consist remarks about Lucas.

Keith also forces Karen to confront her feelings for Dan, as it prevents her to go and watch Lucas' first pallacanestro, basket game.

Even though Lucas is an amazing pallacanestro, basket player, he chokes. He then decides to quit the team.

In This Episode, We Are Also Introduced To Brooke Davis, A Cheerleader.

The Places te Have Come To Fear The MostIs Named After A link
Here is my opinion of the superiore, in alto 10 Peyton&Haley scenes♥

3x11 {in peyton's room}

Peyton: We're expecting an answer from one musician today.

Haley: Who's that?

Peyton: Haley James Scott, what do te say?

Haley: I say hell yes!

2x08 {slumber party}

Peyton: What do te wanna do?

Haley: cuscino fight!

3x08 {in the car}

Peyton: I'm so tired of everybody leaving. te know, they all have really great reasons but it still hurts. So I guess I’ve been taking out all
my anger on te coz… you’re the only one who’s come back. Welcome home.

Haley: Thanks.

6x13 {in red bedroom records}...
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I watched ONE albero HILL,season 5,episode #13,
`Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace`.And I found it just EPIC!I mean,great quotes,great meanings!It was such a great episode!

SO here some of the quotes!

`My mom used to sing to me, I don’t think I’ve ever really told anybody that before. It was like out little secret, but every night, she’d come in and she’d tuck me in and she’d sing me something like lullabies o album rock stuff. And then, I don’t know, after she was gone, I remember lying in letto for the first time and just feeling silence, te know? And then realizing that for the...
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What will te be doing tonight at 9 PM EST? Starpulse suggests turning on USA and watching the secondo season premiere of their hit mostra White Collar. USA brought Starpulse behind the scenes for a giorno to meet the cast, ask them about what’s coming ahead, and see the sets in person. A panel of journalists got to speak with Tim DeKay (Peter Burke), Matt Bomer (Neal Caffrey), Marsha Thomason (Diana Lancing), Sharif Atkins (Clinton Jones), upcoming guest stella, star Hilarie burton (Sara Ellis), writer Matt Negrete, and costume designer Stephanie Maslansky. Then we got to wander the set and see Neal’s...
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If you're a "Leyton" fan, pay close attention to successivo week's One albero collina season finale, because it may very well be the last te will ever see of your preferito brand-newlyweds.

Following weeks of contract negotiations and publicly made hints that a shake-up was afoot, Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie burton will not be returning for Season 7, a CW rep confirms for

To help fill what must have been an anticipated void, albero collina recently promoted Austin Nichols (aka Julian) to series regular status for this fall. Furthermore, two new characters will be introduced during Season 7, says EW's Michael Ausiello
Thick pelts of rain dropped down from the blue sky, so strong that they even left dents in the hoods of some cars. animali forced to stay outside huddled beneath trees for shelter, and young children forced to stay inside pouted without end, so even their parents felt helpless.

Cafés and restaurants opened with arms spread wide. Hot Cioccolato and warm coffee seemed to be much più appealing then wet benches and cold rivers. Some kids walked to school with uncomfortable rubber rain boots and ponchos, frowns permanently embedded upon their faces, while others cavorted around in puddles, shrieking...
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It's what we've been waiting for! We've prayed for it we've dreamed of it, we've written letters, some of us have written death threats, ok not really, but drum roll please....ONE albero collina HAS BEEN RENEWED FOR A 7TH SEASON!


Who knows but one is for sure, since the season is renewed Mark must have some gr8 stories up his sleeve!

So here's to us OTH FANS! We deserve it, we've been dedicated fans! We've made fan through this show, enemies, and had...
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posted by nataliaryanfan
“… and then I woke up in the back of my car. I drove here and the doctors called you. Are we done?”

The cops nodded and they left her room and as she curled up in the tightest ball she could manage, she felt the stitches on her shoulder blade pulling on her skin and it all came back to her. His hands traveling over her skin, pulling hard at her breasts, scratching their way through her skin. Sobs reeked through her body as she remembered his hot breath on her neck, the feel of his teeth bruising her and cutting into her skin, the things he told her, the names he called her…

Brooke Davis...
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posted by isoheartbrucas
Guys! I just read a spoiler that a Leyton wedding will take place this season and it's going to be on an episode titled "Touch Me I'm Going to Scream Part 2". Whether this is true o not, I don't know. All I know is that I do not want this to happen. I really don't. tsk.

But after Leggere that spoiler, it got me thinking, if One albero collina does end with Leyton, what happens to Brooke? I would always want Lucas for Brooke, but reality check here, there's a very slim chance, like Mac Air slim, that Brooke and Lucas will end together. This is Leyton's albero Hill, I mean One albero Hill, and te know...
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 I Give a ratto culo about te
I Give a rat ass about you
1. Why do te Amore Brucas?
It´s kind of hard to explain why I do Amore Brucas… Mostly because it’s really hard to explain feelings, and what makes me Amore Brucas is the way that they make me feel everytime that I see them together on the screen. Like Naley, Brucas make me believe in true love.
I know that this can be a little strange for people to understand (mostly for the Leyton fans), but the fact that Brucas isn’t together now doesn’t mean that they didn’t really loved each other when they were. They really make me believe in true Amore because their relationship was about forgiving,...
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Okay So one thing that pushes my buttons più than anything is the Brucas & Leyton fights. Yes we all have are opinions but when they start to involve other people then that is called ganging up! Okay I'm going to be honest I Amore Brucas, thats all there is to it, I don't dislike Leyton, but da all means I don't Amore them. What I don't get is that how come there is fights over which one is better? Brucas is better, Leyton is better! That is wrong, Leyton is good together, many people believe that. Brucas is good together, many people believe that. But we are tearing the couples down, better...
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Here is some of the best Brooke Davis quotes(!):

"Don't cry for a guy
Let a guy cry for you
Couse girls give and forgive
But guys just get and forget"

"Couse in the end
It all hurts
Just the same"

"I suggest te back off unless
you'd like your successivo period
to come out of your nose"

"The bad guys lie to get te in bed
The good guys lie to get in your heart"

"How many moments in your life
Can te point to and say
That's when it all chaged?"
"You just had one Don't worry baby
The popularity thing's not so bad"

"This person is loved and protected da Brooke Davis
If te mess with them te mess with the wrong person"
posted by Alex_89
The CW Network has decided to film a seventh season of the Wilmington-based drama series “One albero Hill,” making it North Carolina’s longest running TV series. The mostra has generated più than $135 million to data in estimated spending in North Carolina.

“This is great news for Wilmington and for North Carolina,” detto Commerce Secretary Keith Crisco. “This decision to continue filming for another season means that the state will continue to benefit from più than 125 long-term jobs brought in da our film industry.”

One albero collina has been filmed exclusively in Wilmington since 2003....
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1. She's One In A Million
2. She's Got A Big cuore And Is VERY Forgiving :)
3. She's Made Her Own Family
4. She's Fierce
5. She's Not Afraid To Cry
6. She Knows How To Have Fun :)
7. She Is An Awesome God Parent
8. She's Smart Enough To Concur The World :)
9. One albero collina Wouldn't Be The Same Without Her
10. Inside & Outside, She's Still Our B. Davis!
11. Everyone Wishes For A Friend Like Brooke :)
12. She Will Change The World One giorno :)
13. Every Girl Wishes To Look Like Brooke :)
14. After 4 Years, Brooke Davis Didn't Change
15. She Grew Up più Than Everyone Else
16. She's Brillant, Ribelle - The Brave & Beautiful
Wow, could it be? xD It's the Naley interview! :O LMAO! I'm reaally sorry for being so late, but school and exams are pretty much driving me crazy. x)
Congrats Celine! <33
It's very deserved hun. =]


1.Are Nathan and Haley your preferito couple? Why?
Yes! Yes! Yes! And yes! There’s nothing in the world that I Amore più than Naley. It kind of hard to explain why. I just Amore their story, their scenes, their emotions,... EVERYTHING! They’re too perfect and awesome for words. o maybe like Brooke detto on their wedding in season 3: “They give us hope, and we could always...
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Sara Ellis, whom we met late in the first half of White Collar’s [USA, Tuesdays, 10/9C] current season, is a no-nonsense insurance investigator who does whatever it takes to close a case. If that means going to extra-legal lengths, then that’s fine.

Recently I had the opportunity to take part in a teleconference call with Hilarie Burton, the actor who plays Ellis. Burton, it turns out is both voluble and witty – when she’s finished answering a question, it stays answered! It’s easy to see that she’s having a good time in her recurring role on White collare and that sense of fun is...
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Actress, singer and songwriter, Bethany Joy Galeotti now can add restaurateur to her résumé. The CW Televisione Network star, who resides in Battle Ground when she’s not in North Carolina filming the role of Haley James Scott on “One albero Hill,” has teamed with her husband, Enation band member Michael Galeotti, and in-laws to open Galeotti’s.
The restaurant occupies the spazio in downtown Battle Ground that formerly housed Irby’s Fine Dining and will celebrate its grand opening July 24 and 25.
They’d been looking for a way to get più involved with the community, and the restaurant...
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