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I became inspired to look up the lyrics of the 4 “Brucas songs” listed as options for, “Continuing the dream wedding picks: what would they choose as their first dance?” At first, I glanced over them only long enough to confidently make an educated decision on behalf of Brooke and Lucas.

But, I have to say, after Leggere “Far Away” da Nickelback, there is no domanda in my mind that it is Brucas's Amore song, well at least one of them, o “the” one out of the options. I personally feel it’s the only song with an appropriate message behind it. The other choices “Boston”...
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posted by RealLuvAlwaysBL
The moment that changed it all…the moment that Peyton confessed her Amore for Lucas to Brooke, his girl friend, and her best friend. I realized after back and forth, Leyton vs Brucas, dibattito between myself and equally passionate and respectful LPer, Abs07, just how significant that moment is to me as a Brucaser, but even più so as a OTH fan. It disgusted me so much that I had been blaming Peyton, and even Leyton for it ever since. Why do I hate this moment più than anything? più than Leyton’s affair in Season 1…even Brooke breaking up with Lucas in 4.01? Well, I hate it for what it...
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posted by deanwastedyou
Well I want Leyton to have their own vows so I decided to write down what they should tell each other..... I hope u like it :)

[Lucas puts the ring on Peytons finger]

LUCAS: I could stand here and say all kinds of things about my Amore for te but I rather just say one word, "Lonely" that's what te were before. I met te and te were alone, kind of like me, just some high school kid looking for something in the world and I found you, I found te Peyton. I fought for you, Lost you, saved te from death and I kept saving te until one giorno te saved me. The giorno my world became clear, the giorno I...
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posted by anetted
Nathan: I need to ask te a question. If I don't go to Duke, if I don't play college basketball- I mean if today is the best it ever gets for me, will that be enough?
Haley: Of course! Nathan, as long as te are a good husband and a good father to your son.
Nathan: What?
Haley: It's a boy Nathan. You're gonna have a son! Although I have to tell you, someday he's gonna tease his father for playing like crap at the state championship. te might wanna change that.

Haley: Stay the hell away from my husband.
Rachel: I was just giving him a proper thank you.
Haley: Please, your thank you's send people...
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posted by naley_4ever
Jingle Bells, Lucas Smells
By: SamiJane
Genre: Parody
Lucas Scott hardly ever listens to the radio. Lucas Scott hardly ever listens to any musical piece of work that is not already on his I pod. Lucas Scott hardly ever pays attention to any musical suggestion from people other than Peyton Sawyer, and maybe Nathan Scott. But most of all, Lucas Scott never ever listens willingly to any song o diddy flowing from the vocal chords of the one and only Chris Keller. But, on this uncharacteristically below freezing December night, Lucas Scott...
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posted by anetted
"One albero Hill: Four Years, Six Months, Two Days (#5.1)" (2008)
James Lucas Scott: [after saying bye to the guys, and to Lucas] I gotta go home now, and anyway, te should be writing.
[everyone laughs]

James Lucas Scott: [staring at Nathan whose hungover on the couch] I think te drink too much.
Nathan Scott: I think you're right.

James Lucas Scott: It's money from a shoe mama!

"One albero Hill: Hundred (#5.12)" (2008)
James Scott: I'm fine. Grandpa Dan saved me.

Lily Roe Scott: That's what te have to call me.
James Scott: I do not.
Lily Roe Scott: te do so. Say it. Aunt Lily.

"One albero Hill:...
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 Amazingly unexpected.
Amazingly unexpected.
So I know this is sooooo late and I'm sorry I've been busy with school but better late than never! So here's my interview with Cat, our Brucas FOTM for March! She also won BFOTM for January, so we know this girl is really a winner! Congrats hun!

I guess we are done and over with the basic questions, refer to link, Terra did a great job. Let's learn some new things about you. :D


Because we love Brucas.
1) When the mostra started, did te think they'd actually be a couple?
Not at the very beginning. ^^
I guess that’s why I Amore them...
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First of all, let me clarify that I like both Brucas and Leyton..I am neutral when it comes to that subject.. I just wanted to rant. This is about why OTH is making me angry.

1. I am tired of the repeating storylines.

a.Seriously how long are they going to continue the Lucas/Peyton/Brooke Amore triangolo thing..once was enough. People get hurt and lives get destroyed.
b. Haley catches Lucas twice baciare Peyton while he has a girlfriend. Both times she gave him this big speech..blah last time i checked Haley kissed Chris Keller TWICE while she was MARRIED.
c. They always make Nathan out to be the...
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 FOTM for June - Celine
FOTM for June - Celine
Before we get started, I just want to say congrats to te Celine, te most definitely deserve this! Thanks for being such an awesome OTH fan!

1.) Introduce yourself, tell us a little about you?

My name is Celine. I'm turning 17 in a few weeks. Born & raised in Belgium. And totally obsessed with One albero Hill! XD

2.) When did te first start watching OTH? Did te instantly like it, o did it take a while to get hooked?

About 3-4 years fa ( I still remember it was a Saturday lol )
I was bored so I decided to watch TV. I went through all the channels, but nothing seemed interesting to me. Then...
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First of all,i know all of te are sick of the whole leyton vs. Brucas thing. so i'm sorry for this,but i want to share my opinion with all of you.

putting all the verey obvice aside, te know they have no couple chemistrey, they look like brother & sister, and all the other well known reasons.

the ultimate reason why i can't accept them as is that lucas was crazy about brooke from the beging of season 2 throught the middel of season 4, all he ever wanted was brooke, even she broke up with him he wanted her and he went after her. he always detto that he she's his distney the person he wanted...
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posted by PoooBoo
Because they're a team!
Because they do live on the same planet.
Because Haley called godmother.
Because now they're sisters in law.
Because they can read each other.
Because they can open up to each other about Nathan and Lucas.
Because they both share a Amore for music.
Because Haley is the only one that came back.
Because Peyton was hurt when Haley left.
Because they spent dare night together.
Because Peyton produced Haley's new album.
Because they are business partners.
Because Haley came back.
Because they have the same taste in guys.

I was recently watching a very nice Brulian fanvideo & I started to wonder why I appreciate this couple so much. I think I figured it out:)
Of course I like Julian, I'm really happy that Brooke's so happy with him, that her dreams came true... But più then that, I believe OTH really needed a relationship for one of main characters that started as adults
Let's take a brief look at other main endgames. As much as I Amore them: come on... Naley - amazing, but people don't get married at 16... And if they get... it's 99,9% because of a baby on the way & it doesn't last always & forever,...
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posted by lillybanilly
y shud ppl are so careless?...dis is da mostra dat we came 2 kno and love. We hav 2 support the othr characters!! jus bcuz 2 ppl we came 2 luv very much r leaving? yea im very cuore broken bout the decision and thot i wuznt going 2 watch the other season but then i thnk of the other characters da need our support..i mean ddnt they find away into ur hearts 2?? think about it..and u never kno it mite not b that bad. myb dere will b mor drama. Jus plz guys stay wit me on this. Ikno we can learn 2 Amore it all over agn sumhow. U kno u guys will alwys luv da characters and the show. R u sure u want 2 let that all go? We've got 2 remember guys "Always & Forever."
Think of it that way...y not give it a chance?
I am a huge fan and like most, I have craved the idea of One albero Hill's return... And after tossing around a few ideas, re-watching the show, and talking with other fan I figured there are probably only three logical scenarios. Here we go!

1. The mostra returns and picks up where season 9 left off minus the five-year jump.

2. Since a future season with all of the albero collina bambini being in high school isn't possible, hence their major age differences. The new series would probably have to be centered around (1 to 3) albero collina bambini and their life in high school. Preferably I wouldn't mind watching...
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Main Characters of One albero collina (14):

Brooke Davis played da Sophia Bush
Full Name: Brooke Penelope Davis
Age: 22
Parents: Mother, Victoria; father has been mentioned but never seen
Siblings: Is an only child
Other Family: Extended family is unknown; is the Godmother to Jamie Scott, Nathan and Haley's son
Occupational History: Worked at a seafood restaurant as an advertising aragosta during "Between Order and Randomness". Brooke later worked at the mall for Suburban Filth for which see designed a series of clothing. Soon after, Brooke launched her own clothing line, "Clothes Over Bro's", in "Brave...
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posted by starrjam21
It has been almost a anno since One albero collina ended (in the US). Thank te Mark Schwann for giving us 9 years, 9 seasons, 187 episodes of excellent recitazione & amazing storylines.
I can't even put into words how much I miss this show.I wish it could have went on forever.
People say all good things come to an end One albero collina was the best thing so it will never end for me at least in my cuore :)
I own all the seasons and I watch them all the time especially when I need my Nathan Scott fix.
Thank te James Lafferty for stealing my cuore & thank te Naley for mostrare everyone what always & forever truly meant ♥
One albero collina is the best mostra of all time & always will be :) I re- watch episodes I've probably seen at least 50 times they never get old but I always get kinda sad at the same time. I fall in Amore with new shows all the time but NOTHING is ever gonna have my cuore like One albero collina does♥
posted by georgiapeach91
 We just got carried away. It didn't mean anything. It didn't? Of course it did.
We just got carried away. It didn't mean anything. It didn't? Of course it did.
ciao girls! This is my interview with our newest Leyton FOTM, Amy-Beth, who is also the OTH FOTM. So that just goes to mostra te how awesome this girl is. She has added so much to the Leyton spot, and is such a sweet and amazing OTH fan. Amore her! Okay let the interview begin!

Here are my interview questions! Thank te for the awesome questions! Excuse all the spelling and grammar guys! :)

1. Is Leyton your all-time preferito couple?
No, I’M SORRY GUYS! Naley is my favourite, and Leyton are a very close second. But now I’ve been introduced to Logan and Veroica and I can tell that will rock my...
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I Amore OTH, don't get me wrong, but here are just a few of the false conclusions I would have fallen victim to if I wasn't such a rational, mature, worldly young This is just for fun,I mean no offense to anyone who watches the mostra religiously, for I at one time did. I'm picking fun at the misguided notions that OTH portrays as the facts of life...Tree collina Style. Hope te enjoy!

1.    There must be no optometrists in albero Hill. Lucas Eugene Scott clearly needs eyeglasses. He spends approximately 90% of the mostra with his eyes squinted up straining to see. The simple...
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Big news, One albero collina fans. We just got back from visiting the Wilmington, NC set of "One albero Hill," where a particularly coy Sophia cespuglio, bush teased, "You're going to meet someone who's very relevant to Brooke's life who you've wanted to see for 8 years."

After 8 years on the show, Sophia's gotten good at keeping her secrets. Fortunately for te all, we are not so good. Zap2it has confirmed that Richard Burgi will play Brooke's wealthy absentee dad, who will make his first appearance on screen after being absent from the biggest moments in Brooke's life. He's a recurring guest, so we can expect...
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I have watched One albero collina for a long time and it has inspired me and made me and laugh and made me cry! I still watch this mostra every single week but the truth is every week im becoming più and più dissapionted with the show. Here is why:

1. Brooke is getting hurt over and over. When I watched Brooke and julian break up and brooke crying as she watched julian and alex together I felt like i was watching the early seasons again. They are using Brooke (One of my preferito characters) as someone who can get tossed around and used endless times just to make the mostra interesting, although i dont...
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