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 Lucas ♥
Lucas ♥
Apart from their Amore for the game of basketball, it seems Lucas and Nathan are two young men, with very little in common, but they are bound together da the dark secret that they share a father. Nathan is the stella, star of albero Hill's Raven's and a local town hero, while Lucas is the son of single mom, Karen.
But the two boys world's collide when Lucas is put on the Raven's pallacanestro, basket team, and the half-brothers compete, not only for control of the court, but for the cuore of Nathan's girlfriend, Peyton.

 Nathan & Peyton ♥
Nathan & Peyton ♥
The episode starts with the Raven's playing an important basketball...
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Kenzie Dalton showers her fiance Chad Michael Murray’s ex-wife, Sophia Bush, with compliments in one of her recente blog posts. Here’s what the 21-year-old former beauty pageant contestant had to say about Sophia:

“I had the Televisione on The Bonnie Hunt mostra as I was getting ready for work yesterday. She is my preferito talk mostra host. I hear a familiar raspy voice and come into the room to watch actress Sophia cespuglio, bush do an interview. I can’t help but respect her for being a smart person, having self respect and doing good in the community. Every time we see each other we always have a...
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Okay, this is an alternate universe fiction.

Some things te should know: Okay, as I detto , this story is somewhat alternate universe. For instance, Jake and Tim are brothers, and Jake is dating Haley. Nathan isn’t, nor has he ever been an culo to Lucas and Haley, and is completely madly in Amore with Haley, and she feels the same towards him, and has since the eighth grade. Lucas and Nathan are also real brothers, not half brothers. Karen and Dan are their parents. So, that’s just some stuff that hasn’t happened on the show, and won’t happen, since it’s alternate universe. Lol.
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Congrats to Kristine, the first Jeyton FOTM EVER! She is one of the best Jeyton fan in the world and she really deserves this :D
And I know I went insane picture crazy but Jeyton icone are just gorgeous.

First I just want to say thank te to everyone who voted for me to be the first Jeyton FOTM! I feel honored! :) ♥
And I want te to know that I really Amore this couple. I Amore them più than anything else on this show! And they are my preferito couple of all time!

1. We know that Jeyton is your preferito couple, but has it always been that way?
No it hasn’t. Well, Naley has always been my favorite,...
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As Lucas takes a trip to Hollywood to meet his film director, Nathan gets a pro pallacanestro, basket try-out. Peyton struggles with Mia to focus on her follow-up album, and Millicent confronts Mouth about Gigi. Julian approaches a dubious Brooke about designing clothes for his movie, and Haley takes a reluctant Jamie to his school talent show. Mark Schwahn directed and wrote the episode.

Brooke is shocked to find out that Samantha is in her room with a boy named Jack. Mia’s back in town and hanging with Peyton. Lucas continues to work with Julian. Nathan chooses whether o not he should be on Slamball....
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for all te haley haters! imagine if this chick played her! :(
One Tree Hill
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