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One albero collina My Chase's favorites; your preferito ?

37 fans picked:
preferito couple : Chase/Brooke ♥
preferito boy friendship 1 : Chase/Chuck ♥
preferito boy friendship 2 : Chase/Chris ♥
preferito AU couple : Chase/Peyton ♥
preferito girl friendship : Chase/Brooke ♥
preferito season : season 9 ♥
 AdeTiffSan posted più di un anno fa
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marakii picked preferito couple : Chase/Brooke ♥:
they were really cute ♥
posted più di un anno fa.
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svety74 picked preferito couple : Chase/Brooke ♥:
1. Brooke/Chase. My favourite couple for Brooke. I always thought they were so cute in S4. I never understood why the writers ended their relationship.
posted più di un anno fa.
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OTHjovana picked preferito boy friendship 1 : Chase/Chuck ♥:
Agree on everything except maybe the couple... I really like Chase/Brooke, but I loved him with Alex, too, I just wish they had better storylines.
posted più di un anno fa.
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AdaLove picked preferito couple : Chase/Brooke ♥:
I lovee them!
posted più di un anno fa.