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Pick one:
I prefer High-School Brooke.
I think Lucas is the worst character.
Haley's teenage pregnancy // Jamie was a horrible idea.
I like Julian & Brulian, but hated Brooke's development after S6.
I never liked Keith.
Naley was the best couple until she got pregnant.
Hilaries bad recitazione and the Amore triangolo ruined P. Sawyer.
Brooke should've sposta to LA with Julian.
I loved Brachel & hated how the writers ruined them.
The BPL triangolo was lame. Lucas random "feelings" never made sense.
I always thought Hilarie burton and Chad Michael Murray were the worst actors.
4 years later: It was so ridiculous that they acted like they were in their 40s.
Hilarie had più chemistry with Bryan than with Chad.
Chad had più chemistry with Sophia than with Hilarie.
I still wasn't a Jeyton o Brucas shipper, because the Scrivere was meh.
I Amore Dan Scott!
Haley and Lucas are the most self righteous characters.
The relationships in OTH are so incest.
Sophia cespuglio, cespuglio, bush is a better comedic actress. It's so cringy when she tries to cry.
Most of the supporting characters were unnecessary.
 nisosh posted più di un anno fa
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