Ouran High School Host Club Fan Made Seadon 2 Part 1

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OHSHC Season 2 part 1

I don't think anyone is planing to make a season 2 of Ouran High School Host Club any time soon. So I will, and I know that all the fans have some ideas for a season 2 so scene the show left off with Tamaki's return then it should start the next day after the Ouran fair is over. The Host Club sharing with Tamaki why he shouldn't have left.

"You know boss you had us worried." Hikaur began.
"Yeah boss some of us could have died because of you," Kaour looked at his bother's cast. Remembering the fall yesterday, then looked around for Haruhi but Haruhi is not with them.
Kaour got up and walked torts a door in the Host room that leaded to a small room that no one ever used. Hikaur looked at him and softly said "Kaour?"
"I'll be right back," he said with a smile.
"Ok," was all Hikaur said, although he never took his eyes off Kaour until he was though the doors and out of sight.

Haruhi was in the other room thinking to herself why it was so important to her that Tamaki was leaving. Leaving the host club, his father, and why did she care so much that he was leaving her. Why did it fell so bad when he saw him with another woman, and why did she fell like her mother died all over when he left.
She didn't know what to do now, that she has the choose to leave the host club. It's what she wanted from the start, but still it fells like something is holding her back, but she doesn't know what it is that's holding her back.
Then Kaoru comes in, smiled because he knew what she was thinking. He knew all alone that someday the spell on the carriage will fade. But now he knows, that day could come at anytime now. He shook his head and sighed.
"Nice job saving the boss yesterday", Kaoru will say as he comes into the room.
" Oh Hikaru", she said without looking back trying to pull herself together.
Kaoru laughs a little and says " you must still have water in your ears from yesterday, because I'm Kaoru."
" Oh sorry Kaoru its just I'm not thinking strait some reason. I couldn't even sleep last night, I just got to much stuff on my mind right now."
Kaoru takes a seat backwards on the chair then says " well why don't you get some things off your mind right now?"

Haruhi sighs and says " my debt is payed I can leave the Host Club, but I don't know if I want to." "Trust me you don't," he quietly says. " How do you know that?" " Haruhi think of all the fun we had in this club. Do you really want to give that up? Face the facts you didn't even know what the word fun means until you meet us," Kaoru chuckles as he remembers Haruhi's first day.
Haruhi shouts "that's not true."
But he only smiles and says "oh really? Haruhi when you first meet us what was you looking for?"
" A quiet place to study" she says with a blank exposition.
"And what is it you always do in your free time?"
" Study" she repeated.
" And think of all your friends you would of never meet any of them without us. You would of never had lifted your head from a book and still would of been to seared to live life. Beside the club wouldn't be any fun with out you," he said in the nicest tone possible.
Haruhi became confused " 'no fun without me' but why?"

Kaoru shook his head side to side saying, " you truly are hopeless. You know you can be just as clueless as the boss is when it comes to yourself."
Haruhi begins to shout again " what are you talking about I'm nothing like that idiot!"
He slightly lifts his head and smoothly says. " Are you sure about that, because to me your acting pretty foolish yourself."
Haruhi inhaled as she finely realized he was right.
" And I bet I know what your other problem is about " he continued. Haruhi looked up at him like she hoped he didn't.
" I't has some to do with the boss hu? "
She gasped with her eyes wide open, but still said nothing.
Kaoru smiles and said " sadly this is a problem I can't help you with. This is something you have to finger out on your own."
That's when Hikaru walked though the door with his eyes closed saying " hey Kaoru come on the boss is have one of his moments."
He opens his eyes to find his brother alone with Haruhi. Hikaru stared for a moment then ran out of the room.
" Hikaru," kaoru called as he chased after him.
" Not again" haruhi says to herself. Hikaru and Kaoru were talking in the empty hallway. " What were you doing in there" Hikaru yelled.
" I was helping a friend it was nothing like that," Kaoru said trying to remain calm.
" Well you could of told me," Hikaru said slowly calming down.
" Hikaru you don't have to worry about me and Haruhi. I can never hurt you like that I do care about Haruhi, but I care about you as my brother more."
Hikaru look up at Kaoru as he spook.
Kaoru began to explain. "Hikaru you need to let Haruhi how you fell before it's to late. You can't wait forever you know."
Hikaru sighed and said "it's not that easy you know." Kaoru chuckled as he said "I never said it would be easy."
"And what if she doesn't love me back?"
"Then you know that shes not the one. Then you wait until the right one comes, or until you realize they were always there." Kaoru smiled at his twin who looked as if he was ready to cry.
"But Kaoru what about you," Hikaru asked in a caring tone. Kaoru still only smiled and said "just know that I will always be there for you."
"But Kaor-," at that moment Hariuh came into the hallway. " Are you two ok I don't mean to interrupt," she quietly said.
"We're fine" they both answer holding each other at the shoulder.
Hariuh smiled with the smile they say no man can resist and said "great I hope I didn't cause any problems."
"Not at all," they said.
"Well Tamaki wants to see everyone for something." Everyone sat down in the club room in front of Tamaki.

"Whats up want boss" Hikaru said as he sat at a table.
"Yeah it's almost sundown we have to go," Kaoru contended. "It will only take a minute beside happy he's back," Kyoya said with out lifting his head from his black book.
"Yeah he did pick us over his mother you know" Honey said after stuffing his face with another pieces of cake. "Yeah" Mori agreed.
"And it wasn't that easy getting him back. And you out of all people should know Hikaru, you are the one that broke your arm for him." Harihu said.
Hikaru raised his left hand and slowly placed it over his cast.
" Ok ok can't you guys take a joke," the twins said together.
"Host we have yet to talk about the up coming school year. As you all know this school year is almost over, and soon new 1st years will be hear. At least one of them well be Host Club maturely. Well the 1st years come in I want all of you to keep an eye out for a new Host."
"But Tamai-chan where would he fit in at?" Honey asked with wide eyes.
" We'll fined that out when we met him. Which reminds me Honey simpie, Mori simpie next year will be your 4th year hear at Ourna right?"
"Yeah," Mori answered, but not in the normal way he always dose.
This time it was a hint of depression in his voice, although only Honey and Harihu realized it. They both looked over at him and he slightly looked up to where they were the only ones in his view.
"So we have to make it your best ok." Tamaki's voice was happy and joyful as he sprung up to say that with his hand out to Mori and Honey.
Honey jumped up with a cheerful tone saying " Yeah we mights as well have a good time before we graduate right Tacasi?"
"Um" was all he said as me nodded his head.
" Hold on boss so getting back to the new kid that might come who's," Hikaru started then,
Kaoru finished "going to train him?"
"They have a point. It's not like he'll be a natural like Harihu," Kyoya reminded Tamaki.
Honey ate another piece of cake then said " And that's only because Harihu herself is a girl."
"Wow guys thanks for the compliment," she said sarcastically.
"Why I will. Who else to train the new rookie beside the King?" Tamaki lunged up swinging his finger across his body.
" Ah... sure boss," the twins said.
"Hey what dose that mean I'm a great teacher!" Tamaki yelled.
Kaoru began to talk " well for starters when you talk you sometimes tend to go overboard."
Tamaki waves his arms all over the place as he yelled "that's not true!"
"Well I'm glade your back Tamaki simpie but it's time for me to go I have to study," Harihu said as she started to walk to the door.
"For what final exams are over?" said the twins.
"Messing around with you guys this will be the only time I'll have to study for all year next year," she said. Kyoya pushed his glasses up and looked at Harihu saying" ah so you decided to stay with us."
"Hows else am I going to keep my secret with out you guys?" Harihu smiled at Kaoru then walked out the door.
He quietly laughed to himself, but when he looked up everyone was looking at him.
"What" he ask surging his shoulders.
Kyoya was even looking at him as he said " Kaoru dose Harihu's staying have anything to do with you?"
"Maybe a little" he said shyly.
Tamaki grabbed Kaoru's shirt, shock him back and forth yelling " what did you do to my Harhui?"
"Nothing boss I swear I just convinced her to stay that's all" he said as Tamaki shock him.
"How?" Tmamki let go as he said "how did you do that? Hariha can be so stubborn. WHAT DID YOU DO TO CONVINCES HER!"
"Calm down boss. It wasn't that hard, she wanted to stay anyways." He said as he dusted his self off.
"Come on Kaoru the car is here" Hikaru said as he walked to the door.
"Coming" Kaoru said as he followed Hikaru out the door. Honey got up and said "Yeah we better go too we don't have every long for break." Mori and Honey walked out the door, which only left Tamaki and Kyoya.
"Kyoya," Tamaki softly said.
Kyoya looked at Tamaki as he continued " now that I know shes alive I have to see her. Kyoya I have to." It became a dramatic silence as the view fades out..............

SO WHAT DI YOU THINK!!! If you want more find me. The story isn't over yet, but I will not finish if no one likes it I'll quiet if you all want me to. There's still so much more to know so many things are still untold. And I will try to tell you them. As soon as I find them out for myself with the help of you all. bye for now let me know what you think.

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