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for patrisha727 storys i Amore them but i can never finish one persons story because there scattered all over the place can some one help me?!?!?!?

 edwardlover1231 posted più di un anno fa
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patrisha727 said:
Ok, I don't understand what's your dilemma is. Is it because there are too many stories scattered?

Yes, that can get confusing. But to get back to my FIRST story, The fantasy doesn't end, but danger awaits, go to "articles" and go ALL the way back to page 1 and work your way up to page 21. Then te should see the sequel to that story, The fantasy doesn't end, but time is our new enemy. Work from page 21 to page 6. Some where in the middle, there's a anteprima of a different story, Eclipse in Edward's POV. I used to call it Everlasting choice, but I changed it to Evening Star. Then I bet te would see my 3rd story, The fantasy doesn't end, but it might. THAT story has been delayed. That's why there are only 2-3 articolo on it.
OK, the most confusing part is the story Bella's Life. I continued that story for another fanfiction writter, sasie_katje88. If te want to start from the beginning of that story, here's the link to Ch.1 on her spot.
Continue da Leggere the story BELLA'S LIFE. If te see a chapter with a number and .1, that means that chapter have been shown in Edward's POV.
Then my most current story, Evening Star, only has 3 chapters so far:

Ok, I didn't realize how many stories I wrote until I wrote this answer. I hope this helps!!! Thank te sooooo much for liking my stories!!!
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posted più di un anno fa 
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