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Writer's block for Amore, got any ideas?

If te guys want to continue the story, I need suggestions, I can't think of anything. Any help will be great. ^_^
 patrisha727 posted più di un anno fa
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ashesandwine said:
"Then the rest of the Cullen family came into the room.".... They look like Gods entering a council! Really to decide my fate... I knew they were good, I could see it in their eyes, but I didn't knew what they would decide! I stood there starring at them...
Suddenly the door opened and Jake came in yelling:
"How could te tell her what I am?! te had no right!!!"
Edward looked at him with hate in his eyes! I couldn't understand why he looked so angry!
"What are te doing here, mutt?"
"Don't call me that!" Jake jumped and hit Edward...

Ok... I don't know if te thought this was good o not, but maybe te can do something out of this! Hopefully te do and we'll have Amore again:D
Hope it helped...

Lots of Love...
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posted più di un anno fa 
just_bella said:
ok not trying to write your story..by any means but how about:

The rest of the Cullens walked in, Emmett, the tall one smiling from ear to ear as he walked into the room holding Rosalie's hand who turned and gave me a look that finally explained the expression 'if looks could kill.' Jasper slinked into the room, moving quickly to stand successivo to Alice as he watched me carefully, smiling at me carefully. Edward walked in, he looked at Alice as if they were having an entire conversation as he made his way to the letto against the wall. Finally two last people walked in. I had to assume that these were the parents...even if they didn't look old enough to have 5 children in college.
Once everyone was seated Alice stood up and cleared her throat, getting everyone's attention.
"You all know why we're here." She detto softly.
No one detto a word, I looked up from my hands which were my main focus to see everyone staring at me.

How about something like that? Hope I helped, maybe...a little?
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