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What are the pups birthdays and birthyears?

I really need to know.
 tylerhelt11 posted più di un anno fa
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Leah_fun12 said:
This mostra came out in 2013 but it is 2020 while I am Scrivere this so this based of what it would be of been in 2013 and Rubble is the youngest proven in pups get a Rubble. These ages may not be correct this is just what I found on a fandom page.
Marshall is 6-2007
Rubble is 5-2008
Chase is 7-2006
Rocky is 6-2007
Zuma is 5-2008
Skye is 7-2006
Everest is 8-2005
Tracker is 8-2005
And if these ages were updated every year:
Marshall would be 13
Rubble would be 12
Chase would be 14
Rocky would be 13
Zuma would be 12
Skye would be 14
Everest would be 15
Tracker would be 15
Again I postato this in 2020 so my answer may change
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posted più di un anno fa 
padpopjs said:
The pups have different birthday's
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posted più di un anno fa 
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