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posted by Skilene17
What's up fellow Fanguins?!

I found this on Google and thought it was pretty cool so I decided to share it with you.

The rules are simple all te have to do is watch Penguins of Madagascar ( it doesn't have to be every episode) with the desired drink of your choice. Weather it be arancia, arancio juice, mela, apple juice, Tea, Pepsi it really doesn't matter.

Enjoy and have fun.


. whenever one of Kowalski's inventions goes horribly wrong

. every time Julien says Booty

. Whenever Skipper's Paranoia kicks in

. Every time Rico says Kaboom o references explosives

. Every time Julien messes something up

. Every...
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Dr Blowhole gazed calmly at the moniters. There was nothing, absolutly NOTHING, going on anywhere. He was starting to get bored. He hadn't schemed against the penguins in a while.
He growled and spun towards the lobsters. There was no plan.


Yes. He felt it. It stared at the very corner of his mind and crept slowly along until he was consumed da it. A new plan!
"Lobsters!!" He yelled, smiling slyly.

Dr Blowhole: *singing while slowly driving around the crowd of his lobsters*
I know that your levels of thinking,
are as low as the weakest of tides.
But dull as te are, pay attention!...
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MLP is my little pony and LOTR is lord of the rings. Everyone is Humanized for the story. Also Sylvia_puffin is making this with me.

Rico sniffed the ground, searching for the scent of the missing person. 
   "Look, there's a house." Private observed, pointing over to a albero with a door and windows."Do te think they might have seen the missing person?"
   They walked over to the house and knocked. A girl with purple hair and a horn opened the door. 
    "Hi!" she said. "Can I help you?"
    "We're looking for a missing person," detto Private. He wasn't surprised da the horn; after all,...
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This may contain spoilers for those who haven't seen the episode. If you'd like to watch the episode first, click link

Request da link


Chase Scene: Take 1

Burt: *while running da with other animals* Come on! I'm gettin' edgy to give a wedgy!

Skipper: *from behind a wall* *signals team that the ghost is clear* "So, how long will your freeze raggio, ray last?"

Kowalski: "Skipper, when your talking, bleeding edge technology like this, it's impossible to even tell-"

Twins: *unfreeze and run away screaming like girls*

Twin 1: *trips on Kowalski* "Ow!...
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First I just want to thank te all for your wonderful commenti on my bloopers. te all made me so so happy. Thanks again and I hope te enjoy this one as much as the last one. :`D


Invasion: Take 1

Kowalski: (in nursery) Marlene! Over here!

Marlene: *doesn't notice*

Kowalski: *runs into door* Whoooa....Ow... *passes out*

Director: *in mutters* I told him not to actually run into the door....

Invasion: Take 2

Kowalski: (in nursery) Marlene! Over here!

Marlene: *doesn't notice*

Kowalski: *"runs" into door*

Marlene: *gets hit da fish* What the?!?!...
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posted by peacebaby7

Skipper: *looks at other penguins*

Kowalski/Rico: *shrugs*

*other penguins huddle in a group & begin whispering*

Skipper: "What do te boys make of this?"

Kowalski: "I don't know, Skipper. It could very well be a trap."

Rico: "Uh-huh."

Skipper: "But...What if he really is telling the truth this time?"

Kowalski: "How can we be sure he's telling us the truth?"

Rico: "Kaboom?"

Skipper: "No kaboom."

Rico: "Awww."

Kowalski: "What should we do?"

Skipper: *sigh* "Well, I think we should help him."

Kowalski/Rico: "What?"

Skipper: "I don't know, it's something about him. I think he's telling the truth...
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posted by SaturdaySurpris

Skipper means- shipmaster\captain(english)

Rico means- Strong ruler\glory(spanish)

Private means-A common soldier\Belonging to an individual person (american,english?)

Marlene means- bitter(german)

Julian means- youthful, young at heart(greek)

Maurice means- moor, dark skinned (moor=fasten, secure)(french)

Mort means- dead\a stagnant lake(french)
Hans means- Gift from God. God has been gracious(german,dutch)

Max means- greatest(latin american)

Doris means- sea(greek)

Nigel means- ahead\champion(american\gaelic)

Alice means- truth, noble(greek)

Clemson means- merciful, mild (medieval english)
K:lets see.....12 and 23....35° north-west
S:(pops out of nowhere wich causes kowalski to be frighten)So what are te for a trail Kowalski?
K:SKIPPER! I....uh....am on the trail of...so the atlantic currents and the migration of the marine mammals....that it would be possible..that a certain delfino is on the coast before New york at a few hours
S:(spits out his pesce coffee)DR.BLOWHOLE! te crazy genie,kowalski! MAY START THE PARRY!>:D(brings rico and private)
Far too long already has the upper fin had Dr.blowhole!
K:Uh skipper...well...
S:(goes on with talking and ignores kowalski)but now we...
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 Teardrops On My Guitar...
Teardrops On My Guitar...
Marlene and Skipper were BFFs, until that Kitka came along. When Skipper dates Kitka, Marlene remembers her times with him. Marlene sings 'Teardrops On My Guitar', in her version!

Skipper Looks at Me, I Fake a Smile so he Won't See.
That I Want and I'm Needing Everything that we Should be.
I'll Bet she's (Kitka) Beautiful, that Girl he Talks about.
And she's got Everything that I have to Live Without.

Skipper talks to me, I Laugh 'cause it's so Damn Funny!
And I can't even See Anyone when he's with Me
He says he's so in Love, he's finally got it right!
I Wonder if he Knows he's all I Think...
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posted by InternetGirl123
Private: Oh dear!

Kowalski: This is weird!

Rico: Hey, I have a beard!

Julien: My Musica box grew to hugocity! It's an up-in-the-air monstrocity!

Mort: What did King Julien say? And why did he say it that way?

Julien: I've got this dummy dumb urge to obey!

Mort: This feels, to me, creepy and wrong!

Julien: To be suddenly talking in song!

Kowalski: Wait! I think I can explain!

Blowhole; It will be extremely lame!

Kowalski: Do te mind? This is science!

Blowhole: It's a kind of weird alliance!

Kowalski! Yes! Take my experimental power cell-

Blowhole: Add the Diabolagizer's evil spell!

Kowalski: Plus Julien's...
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I have writer's block everybody! For many reasons actually...

First... I'm tired from everyday swimming practice, then my cat died, then my aunt and Grandmother are visiting us and then this song is STUCK INSIDE MY HEAD!

So... I made this to clear some of my writer's block...

Sorry to those who are waiting for the successivo chapter of 'Dimensional Penguins', but I just can't write ANYTHING! D:<

Heres the link to the song:


Anyways, here is the song w/ a story! :D


Skipper and Julien both dated Marlene, they loved her so much they were willing...
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posted by Colonelpenguin
For this one the characters will be me,Lilly,kowalski,Scarlet,Rico,Private,King Julian, Jeremy,And Skipper.

A giorno Before Easter....
A giorno before Easter everyone was so happy about Easter. We where so happy we throw a celebration and an Easter egg hunt.
Me:Okay who every finds this egg first will receive a life time supple of chocolate.
Kowalski:Will te know who is going to win because he has a brain and the others don't!
Jeremy:I have a brain!
EveryBody:No te don't!
Skipper:I'm the best seeker there is!
Private:oh pish posh!
Rico:I'm going to win this thing Baby!
Kowalski:Your not gonna...
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Private starts to snore on the table, mumbling in his dreams about Lunacorns and such. The silent afternoon had left the penguins with nothing to do except relax, and they were spending it in peace.
"Private! Wake up!", Skipper yelled.
"Ahh!" Private jolted out of the small chair and fell onto the floor.
"Go get Kowalski from his lab, he's been working too much, I think he'll appreciate a nice break."
Private stands up and dusts himself off.
"Right away, Skipper!"
Private waddles over to the door to Kowalski's lab, Lost in his precedente dreams of rainbows and sharing. As he opens the rusted...
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posted by Amberpet
We see the penguins doing whatever they usually do in their room when Julien comes in)
Julien: Hi silly penguins. Why is there a big present in my kingdom, but te have 3 presents up there?
Private: What?
Skipper: Let's take a look.
(They go up and look)
Skipper: Kowalski, analysis.
Kowalski: We have 3 transfers from the Hoboken zoo and I will bet my left flipper thats the one in the lemure habitat is too.
Private: I wonder if they are girls.
Skipper: That is highly unlikely.
(The penguins inside break down a side of their crates)
Tiggie: Girls! We're here!
Princess: Neat. I wonder if there willl be unicorns...
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The Truth, Lies, and Doris - A Dorski fan fiction: Part 3 - Fierce Bargain

    Kowalski felt as if he were floating in space. Probably because he was tied and hanging upside down from a hook on the ceiling. The blood had all rushed to his head, making his reactions slow and dazed. Waking up from his unconscious dreams, Kowalski made out a blurry figure, in the shape of a dolphin.
    "Well peng-u-in! I see te fell for my carefully planned trap!" Dr. Blowhole said.
    The sun from the a very small window on the roof came down and illuminated...
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The Truth, Lies, and Doris - A Dorski Fanfiction: Part 1

    Kowalski woke up with a jolt, almost awakening the team from their deep slumber. He heard the soft thump of his cuore pounding in his chest. Trying to calm himself, he quietly slipped out of his bunk and peered at the alarm clock.
"3:40?! I got to get back to sleep! Tomorrow there is agility training!"
    Kowalski rubbed his eyes and quietly headed back to the small bunk, oblivious to Skipper's disappearance.

The dock...

    Small pinguino feet waddled across the dock,...
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posted by fun123fun
there are alot of diffrent pom fan here but wich one are you?

1:the paring fan

discription: likes paring people up in the mostra
NOTE: if its 2 guys like kico o pripper its a frendship paring NOT Amore LOVE!
sgins of fans:like parings and make cute nicknames epechily skilene

discriptoion: fangirls/boys are in Amore in with the chariters and come in two modes
sings of fans: talks about how they Amore him/her

3:pom/WWE fans

discription:there fan that like pom and wwe
signs of fans: post o respond to domande like "wich one would win in a fight? jhon cena o rico?"

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Dear Diary, I am so PISSED AT HOW DR FUCKING BLOWHOLE HAS TO BE RETARDED AND USE CHROME INSTEAD OF SOMETHING LIKE TITANIUM :P IT IS FKIN STRONGER! Anyway, I have the feeling that I am being watched. Oh brb. Back. I brbed coz i thought HE WAS USING MY GUN AND HE WAS SO I JUST TRIED TO SHOOT HIM BUT HE USED ALL OF THE FUCKING BULLETS :L So i have a new pack of bullets right here in my flipper at this here very moment, and I might just refill my gun with bullets and try to shoot Dr Bastardhole :P So erm... I'm gonna finish Scrivere now, coz SOME random FAG ON fanpop IS Leggere MY DIARY PAGE >:L But I really gotta stop overusing the :L face. :L DAMN IM DOING IT AGAIN!!!!!! Bye.
posted by penguinsfan2
---------------penguin habitat-----------
Skipper:I don´t get why she would just leave like that!
Kowalski:Well Skipper it´s not that hard to belive because the whole zoo is acusing her of killing Marlene and-
Private:Look!theres something on the floor....i think its a book.
Skipper:Let me see it!-reads cover-yeah its Mystic´s journal...hmm mabye it´ll tell us where she went o why she killed Marlene..
Kowalski:Well she did have a fight with her the night before she died.
Ash:Well i don´t belive it!Mystic wouldént kill anyone!
Skipper:Let´s see what this says then-opens book-
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posted by TheRatKing1
Author's note: yes, i realize this story may be far-fetched, but this was one of my best ideas at the time, and i'm happy with the way it turned out despite my having no knowledge of how the actual voice actors act in real life, nor how they'd behave in a situation like this. This is my version of them, and my take on the show. I'm just here to tell my stories and do my own thing. if te don't like it, shaddap and don't say nuthin'. but if te like it, da all means, comment! I hope te enjoy this!

-Adam (AKA @NumismatistNut on twitter)

Tom McGrath's Point of view (Skipper's voice actor, in case...
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