I Pinguini di Madagascar Here are some of my favorites. Pick your preferito among them (or the one te hate the least).

Pick one:
Season 1 Episode: "Dr. Blowhole's Revenge"
Season 2 Episode: "Operation: Break-speare"
Season 3 Episode: "Snowmageddon"
Movie: "The Penguins of Madagascar Movie"
Short: "Madly Madagascar"
Penguin: Private
Lemur: King Julien
Human Character: Officer X
Recurring Character: Fred
Villain: Dr. Blowhole
OOC Character: Dumb Kowalski
Voice Actor: Jeff Glen Bennett
Voice Actress: Nicole Sullivan
Couple/Ship: Skilene (Skipper X Marlene)
Invention: Love-U-Laser ("Loathe at First Sight")
Kingly Pose: The "Angry Sloth"
Song (from the show): "We Are the Penguins" da Skipper
Song (from the B&W album): "Flying home For Christmas"
fan Fiction: "Beyond DNA" da GrandOldPenguin
Video Game: "Dr. Blowhole Strikes—Again!" (Nintendo DS Lite)
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