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"MIDDLEMARCH" (1994) Review

Many years have passed since I first saw "MIDDLEMARCH", the 1994 BBC adaptation of George Eliot's 1871 novel. Many years. I recalled enjoying it . . . somewhat. But it had failed to leave any kind of impression upon me. Let me revise that. At least two performances left an impression upon me. But after watching the miniseries for the secondo time, after so many years, I now realize I should have paid closer attention to the production.

Directed da Anthony Page and adapted for Televisione da Andrew Davies, "MIDDLEMARCH" told the story about a fictitious Midlands town...
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”THE WINDS OF WAR” (1983) Review

Some forty-five years ago, autore Herman Wouk wrote ”The Winds of War”, a bestselling novel about the experiences of a middle-aged U.S. Navy officer and his family during the early years of World War II. A decade later, ABC Televisione and producer David Wolper brought his story to the Televisione screen with a seven-part, fourteen-and-a-half ora miniseries that became a ratings hit and a major Emmy and Golden Globe nominee.

Produced da Dan Curtis and Barbara Steele, and directed da Curtis; ”THE WINDS OF WAR” was a sprawling saga that told the story...
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Credit: Tiyera. She dedicated the video to me, so this is a special video for me.
Orgoglio e Pregiudizio
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I never saw "THE LEGEND OF BAGGER VANCE" in the movie theaters when it was first released years ago. I have a low tolerance of sports Film and there are only a few that I consider preferiti of mine. Another reason why I never saw this film in the theaters is that my family simply had no desire to see it.

Based upon Steven Pressfield's 1995 novel and directed da Robert Redford, "THE LEGEND OF BAGGER VANCE" was a box office flop. Worse, it had received mixed to negative reviews. Among the criticisms directed at the film was the accusation that the Bagger...
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