Piper Halliwell VS game!

KaterinoulaLove posted on Jul 24, 2009 at 02:21PM
it's really known game! I put an vs and then u choose one of the two parts of vs and u make a new vs...u can put whatever u like..like seasons,episodes,transformations,powers...
I'll start

Piper's freezing power vs piper's blowing up power


 it's really known game! I put an vs and then u choose one of the two parts of vs and u make a new vs.
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più di un anno fa Natalia94 said…
Piper's freezing power of course!

Leo VS Dan(lol easy!)
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più di un anno fa makintosh said…
Leo :)

Chris vs Wyatt
più di un anno fa KaterinoulaLove said…
Chris;he's the cutest

piper fury Vs piper wendigo

più di un anno fa Natalia94 said…
Piper fury!!!

Piper with Prue VS Piper with Phoebe
più di un anno fa NantiaLove said…
Piper with Prue!

Piper's quotes Vs Phoebe's quotes
più di un anno fa KaterinoulaLove said…
oh no!!!...that's toooo hard! piper and Phoebe have the best quotes...oooooh never mind...

Piper's quotes!!

piper season 1 VS Piper season 4

più di un anno fa Natalia94 said…
piper season 4-it was like a new beggining for piper

piper with Paige VS Piper with Phoebe
più di un anno fa KaterinoulaLove said…
Piper with paige in the battles(they are powerful together!) but Phoebe and paige as sisters(really close!)..!

hmm...adult chris VS adult waytt
più di un anno fa antwnia13 said…
adult Chris
sooooooooooo handsome!!!

Piper with Chris or Piper with Wyatt
più di un anno fa KaterinoulaLove said…
ohh that's difficult....:/
I'll say piper with chris...just because she met him when he was adult and I liked it a lot! but with waytt she was close aswell....:)

now....paige with waytt VS phoebe with waytt;)
più di un anno fa charmedgirl97 said…
paige with wyatt

piper's blowing up power.v. prue astral projection
più di un anno fa KaterinoulaLove said…
aww that's easy! Piper's blowing up power;)♥

Paige's orbing power VS piper's blowing up power;)
più di un anno fa dalma said…
Paige's orbing power

Chris VS Wyatt
più di un anno fa KaterinoulaLove said…
hm chris;) Just because I fell in love with him in season 6;)

Piper as a valkyire vs phoebe as a valkyrie;)
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