Poems My Twisted Valentine

Anne_Rebirth posted on Jan 22, 2012 at 07:10AM
My Twisted Valentine
I sit here in the corner of the dark just searching for the spark
The spark that will set me free and be with the man I was meant to be
But you never cared, no you never even looked me in the eye

My Twisted Valentine
My corner is dark and I am nothing but a shell
all my ear hears is your yell
for me to get away and to burn in hell

My Twisted Valentine
Don't you see that no matter what you do
we will be together just me and you
so hang on tight valentine and prepare for a ride

My Twisted Valentine
You are so bloody, and I take pride
for the things I do to you on this night
I lick up your cheek and you scream in fright
but I cant help but giggle as you struggle and fight

My Bloody Valentine
Its really no use
just lay there and take my sweet abuse
Smile for it will be over soon
and now every February 14, you will be my muse
to every man I plan to bruise

My Bloody Valentine
Scream my name in your fear
as I drive my knife into you and whisper in your ear
Every thing you did wrong right before I disappear
you cheer because i am gone but don't worry dear I'm still near

My Bloody Valentine
You lay there shocked trying to register what went on
and out the window you can see the dawn
shinning through and you seem withdrawn
Oh my little pawn

My Bloody Valentine
watch your broken scarred back
because you never know when I plan to attack

My Twisted Valentine, My Bloody Valentine
Everyday you will think of me
and what went on here
But I'll never leave you be
on February the fourteenth....

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