Poems Heartbroken

Gummilious posted on Apr 15, 2012 at 02:41AM
Tears in my eyes,
I'll try not to let them jump,
My heart beating in angry,
I'll try to relax,
I'm watching you,
As you kiss that girl,
My heart is breaking into tiny pieces,
Can't you understand that I feel heartbroken?
My heart can't be repair,
Only you can fix it,
With a kiss,
Your lips pressing my lips,
But that will never do,
Plz! just do it for me :(

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più di un anno fa DancingGyrl said…
I love your poem! :)
più di un anno fa Tails920 said…
I <3 this! :)
più di un anno fa Gummilious said…
big smile
AW! Thanks! :)