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If the light novel, Pocket Monsters: The animazione were to be localized, what would changes would te want?

I would consider the following changes:

Rebrand it under the Pokemon title.

Merging the two volumes into one.

Dropping the following aspects to eliminate a good portion of the Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy:
•The poverty issue with Pallet Town.
•The scorn one trainer got from his home town after being in the superiore, in alto 1000(Hope I'm understanding correctly).
•The mention of most men turning to a life of crime for the sake of survival.
•Derelict parents.
•Single-family-run police force.
•The gym leader license that scade after 3 losses and the will to bribe.
•The age of 10 being the time trainers need to pay taxes, along with the fact that they can be arrested.

A good deal of early-installment weirdness.
See più details here: link
MisterH posted più di un anno fa
To be specific, eliminating a portion of the early installment weirdness.
MisterH posted più di un anno fa
 MisterH posted più di un anno fa
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