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I can't believe I'm in the secondo round! "We made it Raichu!" I shout with glee! I hug my sweet Raichu and he hugs me back. "Rai!" He gives me a warm, bright, cheerful smile. All of a sudden I see the foto get together with another. I see my picture successivo to...(wait for it)...Marisol!
I want to die. I totally want to die! She looks at me with disgust. (Kinda like the look Paul gives Ash) "Well, well, well. So my opponent in the secondo round is none other than Aurora. It's an easy win." Does she want me to kill her??? "Rai!" I know Raichu and I have had enough of Marisol, but maybe, if I beat her, she'll be nicer. o just hate me even more. Risky. "I'll see te on the battlefield, Aura." Marisol walks away but I still stay put. How did she know my nickname? The same intern with blonde hair, hazel eyes and a green suit opens the door. "Aurora and Marisol, you're up to battle." I hear him say. I take a deep breath and walk towards the exit. "Raichu, I'll need te later." "Rai?" "Return." I say as a beam of red light hits Raichu and it goes back into it's pokeball.

"And now! Our first 2nd round battle! On my left, Marisol Sonni from Sunnyshore City!" The crowd applauds. How can they applaud for that beast? "And on my right, it's Aurora Ramirez from Hearthome City!" Everyone in the audience cheers for me. "Five minuti on the clock. Begin!"

"Lunatone, Solrock! Let's get started!" Marisol's pokemon come out the same way they did in the Performance round. "Luna!" "Sol!" I smile, confident for the Pokemon I'm about to call out. "Roserade! Chikorita! Front and center, please!" I yell out, as I pull the pokeballs from out of my dress pocket. Chikorita appears with seeds around her then quickly growing into beautiful flowers. Roserade appears from a giant rosa flower. "Rose!" "Chika!"

"Roserade, Sunny Day!" As asked, the sun's rays intensify thanks to Roserade. Making Fire-type moves effective. Marisol crookedly smiles. "Thank te for giving me the advantage! Solrock, fuoco Spin! Lunatone, Whirlpool!" The whirlpool and fuoco spin collide making an effective combination. "I can do this!" I mumble to myself. "Roserade! Solarbeam! Chikorita! Razor Leaf!" Roserade jumps and absorbs the light to create a solarbeam just as I asked. Chikorita's sharp leaves make contact with the Solarbeam. The Razor Solarbeam hit the fuoco Whirlpool. "It's a draw!" We both lose the same amount of points.
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A commercial for the Pokémon advertising campaign at Burger King. From 1999..
burger king
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Moonlight sank in the cracks of the stone roof, illuminating The mossy walls and muddy floor. The shiny Umbreon's rings started glowing dimly. Then, there was something over head. The sound of foot steps carried da voices. They grew louder and louder until he * The Umbreon * Saw the faces of the people making the sound. " Aw poor thing! It's probably stuck down there! " One of them said, their voice echoed in the cavern. " I'll.. I'll go save it. " The other said, sounding afraid of how deep down the cavern was dug. He lifted himself off the mud into a sitting position as the kid lowered himself...
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The owner of this video has no copyright intended... and neither do I... enjoy :D
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The owner of this video has no copyright intended... and neither do I... enjoy :D
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