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posted by Dasher472
Hello my name is Dasher and I'm going to mostra te a sneak peek of my new comic series that I've been Scrivere for a long while now I am representing it to the series here's a quick look at what you're going to be seeing in the future.

Kanto region.

Scientist: how long until a Serum is ready?
Scientist 2: it'll almost be done we just need a test subject to test it On
?: get your human hands off me!
Scientist 3: calm down
(Eevee bites scientist)
Scientist 3: he bit me!
?: he's an eevee cage him!
?: touch me and I'll bite your fingers off!
(Eevee is locked up)
?: looks like I found Your test subject.
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posted by sturmelle15
Sabrina, your psychic abilities are getting out of hand. We need to send te to somewhere te can control your abilities. detto Sabrina's Mother *sigh* I suppose you're going to send me to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters? asked Sabrina Yes. This will do te a world of good. detto Sabrina's Mother.
(At Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters)
A new arrival, i see? asked Professor X
Yes. We believe your school will do my daughter a world of good. detto Sabrina's Mother
Indeed. It will. detto Professor X
(In Professor X's classroom)
Class. I'd like te to meet our newest student, Sabrina. detto Professor...
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omega ruby
alpha saphire
Ash: Misty, tell me what te think of yourself?

Misty: Amazing

Ash: The opposite of that is what most Suits you.

James: Thank chu for taking the Personality Quiz! te got "Overly pointless."!

Ash: Yes, all of the traits te answered are your personality, and ya got the best one.

Suddenly, a wild Jessie appeared!

Jessie: I wanna take this quiz!

James: Okayzie. Answer Ash's domande and I'll generate all of them into one personality. USING THE CHICKEN'S MIND.

Ash: Okay first, If your friend fell, would te pick them up o laugh super hard?

Jessie: Laugh super hard, I can't help myself over that.

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