Pokémon Lets Do A Pokemon Rp

misshedgehog posted on Sep 01, 2013 at 07:28PM
here you can be a trainer or a gym leader or Elite Four
you start off with one pokemon it can be from the professor or others ways
what do they wear:
what do they look like:
anything else you want to add

rule 1: this rp can have mature thing in it like a character death but ask the person first
rule 2: if there going to be mature romance like love making please use this -------------CENSORED------------- or skip it
rule: you can say bad word but not too bad or too much
rule 4 have fun

oc aka real pokemon on character like red are now alone
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più di un anno fa Nojida said…
(Get us some XP)
(Yes she does XP She was created for that, if you remove Nathan she will be removed as well XP)
(Which is really bad because exams are here XP)
"Okay that is normal," Xanthie agreed.
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
(Natalie is adorable XP Is she clueless like Randy ? XP)
(You get yourself XP)
(Then Nathan will be an only child XP)
(I know XP)
"Yes it is"Donald replied
più di un anno fa Nojida said…
(Pretty much XP I saw how clueless Red seemed to the fandom, so I made her exactly like him XP)
(Booo XP)
(If Nathan isn't removed, Harley will stay as well XP)
(And I might not be on so much from now on XP)
"You two are adorable~" Aurara smiled.
"Huh?" Xanthie asked slightly blushing.
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
(Hooray for clueless people! XP)
(I can't get it to Greece XP)
(Actually, I feel like my Nathan more awkward XP)
(Neither here XP)
"We're talking"Donald said, "How's that adorable ?"
più di un anno fa Nojida said…
(Hooray! XP)
(Yes you can XP)
(How is he more awkward? XP)
(I'm gonna miss you XP)
"Is it from a shipper's view," Aurara replied with a giggle.
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
(No I really can't XP)
(Apparently I can't type XP That's why you don't do homework and type XP I meant I want to make his life more awkward XP)
(We should have scheduled time that we're on XP Sometime at night when we're done with the day XP)
"Uh.."Donald said slightly blushing
"Aurara"Mikey said
più di un anno fa Nojida said…
(Yes of course you can XP)
(That's why you do your homework when your friend's out at English XP Then the best thing is to keep Harley in it XP)
(Yeah night seems good XP)
"Yes?" Aurara asked turning to Mikey.
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
(Come to South Africa XP)
(I don't have English XP And have another over the top sibling XP)
(Yeah so after your English or swimming ? XP)
"Stop"Mikey said
più di un anno fa Nojida said…
(Sure, when I grow up XP)
(I do XP So should there already be another one or...? XP)
(Yeah, probably at around nine for me, eight for you XP)
"But I don't want to," Aurara protested.
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
(The juice will be warm by then XP)
(I don't know XP)
(Yeah that seems good XP)
"Do you want me to start ?"Mikey asked,
più di un anno fa Nojida said…
(I'll put it in the fridge XP)
(I could make another one XP)
(Perfect XP)
"Start what?" Aurara asked.
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
(It'll also be in my belly XP)
(You could XP)
(Eye XP)
"Start with your emotions"Mikey replied
più di un anno fa Nojida said…
(You'd drink your friend's juice? XP)
(So should I? XP)
(Aye XP)
"Wha?" Aurara blushed a little. "Since when do you do that?"
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
(Yes XP To protect them from the germs XP)
(If you want to XP)
(No my eye hurts XP)
"Since you're messing with my best friend"Mikey replied
più di un anno fa Nojida said…
(Is that all? XP)
(I do want to XP But I'll have to make him/her a little older XP)
(Ow XP Why does it hurt? XP)
"Okay fine," Aurara pouted crossing her arms.
"Hey we're here," Charity said as the door opened.
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
(Yes XP)
(Cool XP)
(I don't know, eyes are weird like that XP)
"Then let's go"Mikey said (If I was able to start Donald's development earlier I would've have him pulled Xanthie back in when she left XP)
più di un anno fa Nojida said…
(I doubt it XP)
(Wait should it be a boy or a girl? XP)
(Yeah, mine hurts too actually XP)
"Mmkay!" Charity said walking out with the others. (N'aw, that would have been adorable XP)
last edited più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
(No it is XP)
(That is your decision XP)
(See ? XP)
"Where is the restaurant ?"Donald asked (It would've been XP I've decided, that shall be his confession XP)
più di un anno fa Nojida said…
(Huh? XP)
(Perfect XP)
(Yes XP)
"That way!" Charity instructed walking ahead.
"Okay," Xanthie snickered following with everyone. (Oh so he's the one who's gonna confess? XP)
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
(Yes indeed XP)
(It is XP)
(Pun XP)
"Do they macaroons ?"Rich asked (Well you had the last one XP It's only fair XP)
più di un anno fa Nojida said…
(Okay XP)
(So should we go with them? XP)
(Pun? XP)
"Probably," Glass said. "Although I wish they have Pokepuffs." (Yeah you're right, I shall bear with it XP)
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
(So how was your day ? XP)
(Sure XP)
(Pun XP)
"Maybe they do"Rich said (I was thinking about letting Xanthie confess since a girl hasn't really confessed between our characters XP)
più di un anno fa Nojida said…
(It was nice XP Bracing myself for tomorrow XP)
(Awesome XP)
(Pun? XP)
"Have you tried any?" Glass asked. (Well she was about to, it's gonna be a bit hard to get back on topic XP)

(Assuming they're eating breakfast XP)
"So, did you two sleep well last night?" Charity asked.
"Yup!" Harley replied grinning. "Naa-san's bed is super warm!"
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
(Is tomorrow the exam day ? XP)
(Pun XP)
"I have"Rich replied (How so ? XP)

(Okay XP)
"There were two people of course it was warm"Nathan said
più di un anno fa Nojida said…
(No, it's study-for-the-whole-day day XP)
(I don't get it XP)
"They're delicious," Glass said sheepishly. (She gets embarrassed easily XP)

"Is that why you and mom sleep together?" Harley asked.
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
(Oh those XP Will you be on at night ? XP)
(See ? XP Eyes XP)
"I prefer macaroons"Rich replied (That's perfect XP)

"Yeah, that's one of the reasons"Mikey replied
più di un anno fa Nojida said…
(I hope so XP)
(Oh XP)
"Well let's see if they have any," Glass said once they entered the restaurant.

"So does that mean I can sleep with Naa-san from now on?" Harley asked happily.
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
(Please be on XP)
(Punny XP)
"Yeah"Rich said

"Ask Nathan"Mikey replied
più di un anno fa Nojida said…
(I'll try to be on XP)
(Definitely XP)
"Can we sit there?" Charity asked pointing at a table.
"Sure," Aurara replied walking there.

"Can I?" Harley asked turning to him with puppy eyes.
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
(Please XP)
(I'm a genius XP)
(My friend there is some cosmic force at work XP)
"Seems like a nice table"Mikey said going over to him

"Not all the time"Nathan replied
più di un anno fa Nojida said…
(I'll try XP)
(I know you are XP)
(Humma? XP)
"I'm good at table picking," Charity smiled sheepishly taking a seat.

"Five days a week?" Harley offered.
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
(Thank you XP)
(Pfft XP)
(A once in a life time opportunity XP Tomorrow, both my science teacher and maths teacher might not be at school XP)
"Yeah you are"Mikey said

"3 days a week"Nathan replied, "Friday, Saturday, Sunday"
più di un anno fa Nojida said…
(You're welcome XP)
(What? XP)
(Who said so? XP)
"Menu!" Charity said picking up the menu as the others took a seat as well.
"Ooh, they have Pokepuffs!" Glass grinned looking over the menu.

"Aww!" Harley complained. "Why only three?"
last edited più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
(Where is the 3rd sibling ? XP)
(I'm no genius XP)
(They did XP)
"Hey Rich, they have macaroons"Donald said
"Noice"Rich said

(Uh XP)
più di un anno fa Nojida said…
(Incoming XP Hopefully tomorrow because I have to sleep, goodnight :3)
(You are genius XP)
(Then you should party XP)
"I need this," Glass said pointing a paw at the pokepulls.
"Pokepuffs for Glass, then." Xanthie decided.

(Edited XP)
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
(Night :3)
(Pfft XP)
(We will if they aren't there XP)
"So they are sorted"Donald said

"Because I need space"Nathan replied
più di un anno fa DragonAura15 said…
"I guess not, I mean, it's kinda like the hotel we were just at," Saige replied. "Okay," she began as they walked inside, "let's go ahead and- "
She didn't get to finish her sentence before they ran into Jay, Faust, and Chester, who were waiting inside, and she was interrupted by Luna yelling, "You guys?!"
"Oh... hey, Luna," Jay greeted her awkwardly, not meeting her gaze. Luna seemed to be avoiding his as well.
Saige winced. "This could get uncomfortable."
last edited più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Nojida said…
(And I'm back :3)
"Weren't you gonna get three hot dogs?" Xanthie asked Donald.

"Pleaaaaase?" Harley asked with super cute puppy eyes.

(I have been waiting for this moment for so long! >X3)
"Uh," Justin muttered, glancing at both of them awkwardly. "So apparently you all know each other... I'm not making things more awkward, am I?"
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
(Power's out XP)
"Well they don't have here"Donald said

"No Harley"Nathan said, "It's either 3 or none"
più di un anno fa Nojida said…
(I bet it's because I came on XP)
"Hmm, how about spaghetti?" Xanthie offered.

"But..." Harley muttered teary-eyed. "Don't you love me?"
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
(No it's on now XP)
"Maybe"Donald said

"I do"Nathan replied, "Why do you think I'm letting you sleep with me for 3 nights ?"
più di un anno fa Nojida said…
(Oh okay XP It doesn't completely hate me XP)
"You could share it," Aurara offered.
"She's starting again," Xanthie told Hert.
"Okay, let's decide what to order," Hert said giving Aurara a menu.

"Because you don't love me," Harley replied sniffing.
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
(No it loves you XP It came on after I replied to you XP)
"That's strike 2"Mikey said

"No if I didn't love you I wouldn't talk to you"Nathan said (I'm waiting XP)
più di un anno fa Nojida said…
(That just means it loves you XP)
"You're not my father," Aurara protested.

"Yes you would, we live in the same house," Harley said. (I'm still trying to figure out whether to make it a boy or a girl XP)
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
(It loves you XP)
"So ?"Mikey asked

"No I wouldn't"Nathan said (Decide XP)
più di un anno fa Nojida said…
(It's you it loves XP)
"So you can't tell me that," Aurara replied.

"Yes you would," Harley replied. (Okay fine XP)
"Milady," Tom said entering. "You have a visi-"
"Hi everyone!" a 12-year-old boy cheered running in. "I'm back!"
"Trace!" Charity looked pleasantly surprised.
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
(No it's you XP)
"Then stop getting in their business"Mikey said

"Trace ?"Nathan asked (I was hoping for a girl but okay XP)
più di un anno fa Nojida said…
(No it's you XP)
"Well, that's impossible," Aurara shrugged.

"Trace!" Harley cheered running over to him and hugging him tightly.
"Harley!" Trace laughed picking her up and squeezing her. (You said make it more awkward, what's more awkward than an older brother loving you too much? XP)
più di un anno fa vegeta007 said…
(My head hurts XP)
"Stop it"Mikey said

"Nice to have you back"Mikey said smiling (You're right XP)
più di un anno fa Nojida said…
(Let it rest then XP)
"Maybe," Aurara replied.

"N'okay, it's the adults' turn for hugs," Trace putting Harley down.
"N'aw, come here," Charity said opening her arms and Trace hugged her tightly. (Plus, yaoi XP)