Pokémon Pokémon Adventure: Kanto! Legendary Saga!

Taika posted on Jan 24, 2014 at 10:39PM
3 months ago, Team Rocket made an attempt at taking over the pokemon league. However, due to the combined effort of several trainers, they were defeated. Afterwards, they began seeking power, this search leading to the Legendary Pokemon. With control over such power, there's no telling how much terror would befall the world. So in order to protect the world from such a fate, Professor Oak began tracking these legendaries down, in hopes of capturing them before team rocket.


-No godmodding!

-No swearing/use of profanity

-No sexual themes

-Try to use proper grammer,and don't talk like you're texting on a cell phone.

Example:"r u ok?"

-No one line posts

Example:"Bob ate the burger"

-Kanto Pokemon only

Hmm,that should be about it....

(P.S-They invented Quotation marks," " for a reason you know.It's been a reoccuring problem with people not using them,and just saying things like,as i quote,but won't use their name,or Character's Name"~INSERT NAME~ said i know you can do it you just got to show you stength you know how weak they think you is and then smiled then said thank you for lunch then walk away with a smile."Unqoute.No quotation marks," " and it's hardly recognizable their talking,it.'s just more words! XP)

Character Criteria....








Starter Pokemon:

Pokemon Team:

Okay then! A world of adventures and dreams await! Let's go!
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