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"Hello, dear trainer! Welcome to my labratory! As you can see, I am professor Fennel, or Doctor Fennel, as a few people call me!
What do I specialize in? Well, I specialize in studying Pokémon trainers and Pokémon dreams!
What are Pokémon dreams, you ask? Well, a Pokémon, when it sleeps, it has a dream, just like humans do. My fellow professors and I have now found a way to enter that Pokémon's dream, with the help of our special machines and the well-known C-Gear.
Have you ever heard of the Entralink? It is the in the heart of the Unova region, its power still unkown. We believe that the Entree, a mysterious tree that appears to be the source of that unknown power, is somehow connected with another world.
But, I think someone else can explain that a bit better than me. Why don't you go to the research room? You will find that person there!"

Pokémon Dream World?

"Hellooo~! You must be the new trainer that has been hanging around Castelia city lately, am I right? Well, nice to meet you! My name's Irene, and I'm one of Doctor Fennel's top reseachers! Sure, I may look like a teenager, which I am, but hey, I know the Dream World better than anyone in this lab! Anyway, I bet that's the reason why Doctor Fennel sent you here, am I right? I am? Hooray! Ahh-- Well, let's get started, shall we? So! As Doctor Fennel has probably already told you, we use our machines and the C-Gear to enter a Pokémon's dream.
The Entree Forest, proved to be a result of Entree's power, is where the connection between the Pokémons' dreams and the real world is mostly active. While sleeping, the Pokémon sees other Pokémon in its dream, mostly the same as its type. The Pokémon that it will see in its dream will appear in the Entree Forest, if it only wishes for it, for course!
A few years ago, we, humans, were only able to see what's going on in their dream by using the machines in this lab. However, not long ago, we invented a new machine that allows us to travel in the Dream World with our Pokémon, and explore it alongside them! If you wish to travel in the your Pokémon's dream, then I shall give you that device. I haven't used it so much, so I'm not the best to explain how it works. All I know is that, if something goes wrong while travelling in the Dream World, we can contact with you through this. Maybe Doctor Fennel will explain better, once she gives it to you!"

Forgot something to say, though...

"Oh, man.. What's the matter with the Tree of Dreams...? It seems like it won't let anyone out... Neither Pokémon, nor humans... I better inform the people back in the lab to not let anyone enter! If they do, who knows what might happen! What..? It's broken?! Come on! Not now!! Argh!! How am I gonna tell them now?! If I don't, the trainers might get into huge trouble..!"

What is the matter with the Tree of Dreams? Why won't it let anyone out? What caused this? Who was that man? Why am I asking you so many questions while I already know the answers? Join in to find out!


~No godmodding!

~Try to use properly grammar!

~No swearing/profanity!

~You may have whatever Pokémon you want exept from legendary! (Dark or Ghost-type suggested, as this is mostly going to take place in dark-ish places. And you're also going to have the same Pokémon throughout this entire story, so pick carefully)

~Leave any outside Drama outside of this RP please

That's all I can think of, so I guess I'm done with the rules!










Trainer Class (Optional):

Pokemon that will fall asleep:

So...yeah! That's all, I guess! Have fun~
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