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GMRSUnoted posted on May 09, 2014 at 11:48PM
In the Melanite region where the residents don't have any gyms nor has a very big population, the sinister organization known as C.O.H (Corruption of Hope) works to dominate the world with a great and powerful power called the Shadow Pokémon. They take what Cipher aimed for and expanded. They did not only wish to have a shadow Pokémon that was unpurifiable but also one that was truly shadow. Also, they did not only wish to make one of these. They wished to make a multitude of them.

Rather than closing the heart, they crushed the heart and destroyed it with the power of a Yveltal that ruled over destruction which becomes the main shadow legendary of the team along with a few others. Though with this, it is a long process and rely on the basic shadowfication while they work.

The only chance to stop them is within trainers who are proven worthy of the task. Are you one of the Cleansed? Or are you one of the Impure?



1) No Mary/Gary Sues (This means brats or stubborn people who can’t lose)
2) Two Pokémon Right of the bat (No more and no less)
3) No Legendaries or Multiple Shinnies (Unless ok by Me, though I shall allow one Shiny.)
4) Respect the other Rp-ers, please…
5) You should stay within the game’s rules, so no deaths or any mature content (Sorry, I must put this here.)
6) Use Grammar and Spell-Check Please!
7) One character per side unless you want only one.
8) No one-liners.
9) Times skips unless approved.
10) Starting Pokémon must between 5-20.
11) No body shall be a hybrid (Example: Half human, half Mew)
12) You can only have ONE Mega Pokémon and your Mega Ring has to be earned by the Professor aka Me.
13) Minimum of two Pokemon per trainer starting off (This is because all battles will be double battles and this is optional for Pokemon Professors)
14) Anything else? Just comment on my page.

Character Creation Sheet:


Alias (If need):

Type of Trainer (?): (Be Creative Here)

Appearance: (You can write it down or post a photo if needed)



Anything else (?):


Pokémon starting Off:


Amethyst (Neetz/GMRSUnoted)
Akine Ren (Riku)
Azure (Neetz)
Rafa (Neetz)
Garnet (Neetz)
Jaden (Riku)
Amber (Wanta)
Kashina Rose (Riku)
Ziallie Tayu (Rkiu)
Kamine Lay (Riku)
Clifton Anastas (Wanta)
Ayumi (Riku)
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