Pokémon Pokemon RP in a Fanmade Region (and te can be a made up Pokemon! And te can make up types and moves!)

QueenofthePika posted on Jun 19, 2014 at 08:24PM
Made-up Pokemon sheet:

Pokemon name: Shineon

Species: The Shimmering Pokemon

Type: Rarity

Pokedex entry: Shineon is a Pokemon considered a beauty to the human eye. It's gemstones are said to have the power to draw the human eye to it at will. It is not uncommon to see many Pokemon following behind it.

Description: Shineon is an Eeveelution, so you can tell what it's body shape would be. It is white with warm-colored gemstones on its head, cool-colored gemstones on its tail, and other colored gemstones for its claws. It has blue eyes when female, and emerald green eyes when male.

Evolves from who and how: Evolves from Eevee and evolves when Eevee levels up in a cave.

Evolves to who and how: none

(If you're using a Pokemon that's already exists, start here)


Nickname or name known as (optional): Kira

Gender: Female

Personality: Happy with sensitive feelings

Wild or Owned: Wild

Birthplace (optional): Shimmering Cave

Family (optional): A sister

Add anything else you want to add!

If you're a human:





What they wear:




Add anything else you want to add!

Have fun in the region of Alfega!

No stuff like love making
Ask me by inbox for guns or death, and ask the person you want to kill as well
Bad words can't be too bad. Damn or crap are ok words
Pokemon can talk to each other, but obviously the humans don't understand
Outside drama allowed
If parts of family are revealed later on, edit your character sheet to say that. Ex:
Family: Sara (sister), John (brother)

All our Pokemon:
Kira the Shineon (Wild, played by QueenofthePika)
Holis the Meowstic (Owned but roaming, played by DragonAura15)
Melody the Koseon (UNCONFIRMED CHARACTER, Wild, played by DragonAura15)
Harmony the Koseon (Wild, played by QueenofthePika)

All our humans:
So far we have no humans.

(Note: You can make up cities as you go, and slowly, in your mind you will start to picture the look of Alfega)

Let the rps begin!

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