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This Pokémon fan art might contain gattino.

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Ash Ketchum Baby Daddy Chapter 9: Babysitting Baker Serena

(It's been 2 days that Nikki was here with Ash and his friends. She was spending a lot of time with them. Now it's Wednesday early afternoon. Ash decided to spend hang out with the boys for the day. He asked Serena to watch Pikachu and Nikki in his house and she detto yes. Now Ash is with Max and Brock somewhere near Brock's gym.)
Ash: Finally, some time to ourselves!
Max: ciao guys, when I was in school, te know what we used to do when a gym leaders gave Ash a rough Pokemon battle?
Ash and Brock: What?
Max: We'd egg her gym! Come on. Where's...
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James runs into the same Magikarp salesman he had met once before..
team rocket
magikarp salesman