Pokémon Here's my rank on ships between Ash and his Friends (#1 being my favourite). Out of these, who do te ship the most with Ash?

Pick one:
1. Aureliashipping (Ash x Lillie)
2. Blueangelshipping (Ash x Lana)
3. Amourshipping (Ash x Serena)
4. Pearlshipping (Ash x Dawn)
5. Alohashipping (Ash x Mallow)
6. Diodeshipping (Clemont x Ash)
7. Firstfriendshipping (Gou x Ash)
8. Zringshipping (Kiawe x Ash)
9. Pinapshipping (Sophocles x Ash)
10. Advanceshipping (Ash x May)
11. Bouldershipping (Brock x Ash)
12. Pokéshipping (Ash x Misty)
13. Cafemochashipping (Cilan x Ash)
14. Negaishipping (Ash x Iris)
15. Kenshishipping (Tracey x Ash)
 jlee549 posted ·4 mesi fa
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