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Blossom: What are te doing here?

Brick: We're going to school here.

Bubbles: *cries*

Boomer: Oh great! In school with a crybaby!

Buttercup: SHUT UP BABY! Uhh... What's up with bouncy?

Butch: *Rubs head and gets up* Uhn...

Bubbles: Bouncy?

Boomer: The time we met again?

Bubbles: Oh yeah!

*Inside school*

Ms. Keane: Ok class! Welcome to Pokey Oaks! Im your teacher, Ms. Keane! We have some very special students in our class again this year! Please welcome, the PowerPuff Girls!

*class cheers*

Brick: *Shoots spitball at Blossom*

Blossom: HEY!

Boomer: *snickers and wedgies Bubbles from behind*

Bubbles: YOW!

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