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 purdita, the smart one
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purdita in normal clothes holding a notebook NOT in battle mode
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Buttercup refused to hesitate as she started to beat the living crap out of her boyfriend Ace's partners. She had just found out his despicable secret plan: to destroy her sisters and take over Townsville. Now knowing that he's been caught in the act, Ace tried to deny it.

Ace: I'm innocent! The boys, they put me up to it! Honest!

However, Buttercup saw through those lies, having exposed her "crush" as a bad guy. Without thinking twice, she gave him the beating of a lifetime, and it's painful as hell! As Ace got his just desserts, his shades fell in front of Buttercup and her sisters, who were...
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You've had a hard giorno of sleep, and te need your sleep.
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Narrator: Back at their home, the girls explained everything to Professor Utonium.
Professor Utonium: A new bus driver, huh?
Bubbles: Yeah. He broke down the door, then everyone detto good morning, and he told us to shut up.
Buttercup: He's also threatening to leave people behind, and lock them up in a cooler.
Bubbles: It must be very cold in there.
Blossom: Well, one thing's for sure, we don't have to put up with him.
Professor Utonium: Lucky for te three. I just hope this new bus driver doesn't really do any of the things he says.
Blossom: Why wouldn't he?
Professor Utonium: Some grown-ups say things...
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Blossom: I am the very model of a very super Powerpuff,
my laser vision,

Bubbles: Will of flight and super speed,

Buttercup: They can be tough,

Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup: We are quite good at beating bads that are a threat to our hometown,
Like Mojo Jojo, Fuzzy Lumpkins, HIM, Gangreen Gang, we take down,

Blossom: I am the leader of this team that tells my sisters what to do,
Our plan layout, power attacks, my bossiness, they're quite a slew,
I can even speak Chinese, I learned it from the library,

Bubbles: But for me I speak Tagalog, Japanese and Cantonese,

Blossom: I even have ice...
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 Beyoncé looking good
beyonce looking good
In the city of townsville and clipville nicki starts to hop off to school with her friend bruce they both is wearing light colori of each she has her blond wig on while his green eyes look at her dark blue ones they stop to see the word townsville they hop to it and bump into butch and buttercup
Buttercup: may i help u two
Bruce: no u may not missy
Butch: well scram! *he and buttercup starts laughing but nicki knocks him off his feet*
Nicki: say that again and i will kill u *she threats their lifes*
At the mall Beyoncé and blast is picking out new cloths
Beyonce:o this superiore, in alto is cute *she grabs it but...
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So once again, the giorno is saved. Thanks to The Powerpuff Girls.
mojo jojo
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