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 purdita, the smart one
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purdita in normal clothes holding a notebook NOT in battle mode
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The rowdyruff boys aren't in the ppg doujinshi comics?! Truly i don't like that cuz it whod be way più intresting if they were back in(espeshuly now cuz it's gotten boring for some people).That's first.Second:We'd figure out if there's anything(like/love) between the ppg and the rrb(i've nodised that the original ppg's opisedes(the ppnkg)hate the rrb
which meens that the ppg must like/love their counterparts)(it's quite obvious that bubbles and boomer like/love ech other,blossom is getting bored with dexter,and buttercupxbutch well... i guess they must be hiding it(since they're both obssesed with their muscles right now)).
And third: We'd figure out their true personalities(cuz i've only seen them for a little bit)(aldo we've learned that brick is più serious then the original(like blossom) boomer has an intrest in bubbles and butch is a lot like buttercup).
Well that's all please comment.
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Hello, Aldrine2016 there. Instead of requesting Seanthehedgehog to write a part 3, I'm gonna write it myself.

2 minuti later, Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, and Road Runner finished their picnic break.

Buttercup: [patting her stuffed tummy] Ah, that was a great ham sandwich. [burps] Excuse me.
Road Runner: Beep beep!
Blossom: Now, where were we?

The four then began to walk down the road. As they did, a thought appeared in the PPG's heads and they looked at their feathery friend, who did the same. They exchanged glares as they gradually began to sposta faster. Then after some time...

Blossom, Bubbles...
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