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posted by amberalupton
There will be an estate sale in Kirksville Missouri at McMain auction house on old Highway 6. My mother owned a jewelry store back in the early 80s and there are several collector precious moments that will be at this sale if anybody is interested. She also had a lot of cobalt blue, beautiful Fenton glassware, 24% lead crystal and many other things.
Precious moments from the early 80s on sale ad in the state sale in Kirksville Missouri. These precious moments are from the early 80s. Mom not only soul of them from her jewelry store but she was also a charter member. So I think anybody who collects them would be thrilled to come and see some of her pieces.
posted by apples12
There once was a little girl named Sally.Sally is only 6.She was a orphan that lived in a ophanage.She had no one to talk to in the ophanage.She was the only one in there besides the mean,scary,ophanage lady.She had frizzy hair,and had a talpa on her cheek and hated kids.Her name is Mrs.Hilda.One day,Sally asked," Mrs.Hilda may I please go outside and play?" Mrs. Hilda rolled her eyes."No, te have to be very smart and clean like me."Sally sat in her letto while staring out the window,crying with her head on the bacheca staring out of a window.Then it was lunch time.Sally ran to the lunch room waiting...
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