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posted by princemjforlife
Last one.

Tanya's P.O.V.

I stopped baciare Jaafar and bit my lip. I smiled. I started to get up. But Jaafar grabbed me da the waist and sat me down successivo to him on his bed.

I laughed flirtatiously, "Come on Jay, let me go" I started to get up, but he forced me down again "Okay I'm serious" Once again, he held me down. I looked at him. He looked really angry.

Kayla May P.O.V.

I can't believe Prince!

I mean, well I don't own him and we're not going out but still. He knows I do. And still. After seeing him and Juliet like that, I Lost interest.

Until I heard a knock on the door.

I opened it to...
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posted by princemjforlife

as te know I am leaving. But I wanna leave with a BANG!

So we are here to share some funny stories we had here, to come and celebrate to unisciti together and just be happy.

So here it goes:

I remember I came on here smiling and now leaving sad, looking for answers. I know this is my choice but it's a smart choice. My stories might never be writen again. te might never find out what happens, but *sighs* it's okay. I remember my first encounter with Rania, she told some chick that she was ugly! And that people called her beautiful. So I came and cursed her out with big fat ugly cow. Good times :). I'm gonna miss some of the Friends I made, te know who te are.
posted by lovepink
It was really late when the party was over, so Kyle drove me home. When we got there, he walked me to the front door.
"I had a really nice time." I told him as the moon lit the sky up.
"Me too." Kyle detto back. We both leaned in for a kiss, bumping our noses accidentally.
"Ow!" We both detto in unison and laughed. We leaned in again and kissed. It was awkward. It wasn't good at all. There were no fireworks like there were with Prince. After we pulled apart we gave each other confused looks.
"That was weird." I told him.
"Yeah just... not right. Maybe if we tried it again it would be better?"...
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I didn't tamper with this in any way.

thats his name !
no it's not u idiot
his name is Michael Joesph Jackson Jr
his full name is prince michael joseph jackson junior the first ! and why had michael say that in a interview with debbie ?
do u even KNOW wat a birth certificate IS?
yes i know !!!!
i have one too
i believe michael and not a such fake shit
say what...
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posted by PrInCeMjFaN
"Prince really I'm fine" I've been trying to tell him that for 5 minutes.

"He could have hurt you"

"But I wasn't so te could stop getting mad" Okay so I was taclked da someone way taller than me, it hurt a little but I was really okay.I wonder why he was so mad.

"Why do te care so much any way?"He looked at me and blushed.

"So do te want to play video games?"Now he's trying to chang the subject ima just let it go.

"Sure" I detto and smiled.He went to go sit down in front of the t.v to turn on the play station.After he was done he patted the spot successivo to him. I went to go sit down and saw what...
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 "You're my forever." Prince says.
"You're my forever." Prince says.
Prince and Jenna are both 14, they've been dating ever since they were 13, and they've known each other forever. At 13, Prince knew he was in Amore with Jenna, so he asked her out. So now they're at Jenna's beloved Uncle Jim's funeral, who was very close with the Jackson family and Jenna. So now Jenna's devestated and Prince is trying to confort her. It's been about an ora after the funeral.

"You know I'm always going to be there for te right?" Prince asks.
"Yes" I murmmer. I could tell da the look in his eye that he really meant it. God, I Amore him so much. Wiping away my tears I add "It's...
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Many of te who are Leggere this articolo have probobly made a negative judgement against Prince, Paris, and Blanket's friend Spencer, because of what te have seen o heard on this site o maybe somewhere else. Just look at the comments. I am here tell te that te are being completly ignorent and judgemental.

I am sorry, but te all have no idea who the hell spencer is. She may be the nicest person in the world for all te know. Some have detto that Spencer is the cause of Paris's strange behaviour, and hand signals.

A) te Have no idea how long they have been hanging out, so she could have...
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In developing news, elusive Islamist terror mastermind, Osama Bin laden, has released a voice recording in which he claims that he is the real father of deceased stella, star Michael Jackson's oldest son Prince Michael.

In an astonishing recording, he says that he visited a LA sperm clinic just after the 9/11 attacks and was greeted da the stella, star himself who, at the time, was considering converting to Islam.

Jackson had already approached Bin Laden da phone to see if he would cooperate in creating offpsring for him and his then wife Debbie Rowe. Bin Laden continues: "..so I walked into this joint, ah,...
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posted by PrinceMJGirl14
(Scene inside Prines Bedroom)
Paris: Prince they will get that guy dont worry
Prince: Paris we dont live In They Wil land we live in reality and in reality kidnappers dont get proper prison sentences te know that.
Paris: even if i did we need to be strong and think Positive not for us for Banket think of him.
Prince: your right stay Strong for Blanket.
Paris: Remeber at Dads Funeral te detto that te wil Be sad forever and never be happy again?.
Prince: Yes
Paris: well we got throught that and now were even stronger for it.
Prince: we did get throught it... Toghter as a family.
Paris: and we will get throught this too as a family. ( Paris Hugs Prince)
Prince: like i detto before your great at comfurting peope.
Paris: I take after dad for that. Well thats the end of Part 2 Please leave a commento Telling me what te think :)
posted by PrinceMJGirl14
( Scene the giorno after coming home) Prince: Wow im not tirde at all thats a first. Paris: Well te werent up all night playing video games like te normally do. Prince: thats right. Paris: its 12:00am lets go get blanket up. Prince: Ok ill make breakfast te get him up. Paris: sounds like a deal to me Prince. ( Paris goes upstairs) Prince: Im in the mood for some bacon, pancetta affumicata and eggs. ( Prince makes bacon, pancetta affumicata and eggs and serves at table) Prince: Paris Blanket Breakfast it ready come on!.( Paris and Blnaket run downstairs) Blanket: i fondere, c'era un odore bacon, pancetta affumicata and eggs. Paris: smells good Prince. Prince: well i do...
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(Scene inside the apartment of Paris prince and Blankets Kidnapper) Prince: What do te mean da Changing what we look Like?. Kidnapper: Well i cant shut te indoors all giorno but i cant have people knowing who ya are so im gonna have to dye your all of your hairs Black. Paris: No not my hair please not my Hair. Prince: We wanna go home and if te dont take us we will runaway! Paris: te cant just keep us here te will be found out te sneeky ratto and thrown in Jail. Blanket: ( Yawns) Whats going on guys were are we?. Paris: were.. umm Prince Knows ask him blanket. Blanket: ok Prince were are we?...
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posted by alicia_cameron
Ok, so I haven't written in 2 months, so if te forgot the last story, then, here's the link (link)

Thalia's P.O.V.:

It's been 2 months since Jaafar & Lex started going out, and it's gotten sort of annoying now. I mean, don't get me wrong I am so happy for them, but the couple thingy is just plain annoying ! Well, anyway, we've started going to Buckley for a week now. I went back to Paris & Lex, sat down on the floor, and started to finish studying.
"You know, Lia, if te don't make a sposta on my brother, he's gonna end up with someone else soon." Paris detto calmly.
Oh God, had it really...
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posted by princeluvr09
The world is a wonderful place..full of Amore and harmony, but as te may wonder..a mystery is revolving around everything.

Prince Jackson; my friend since I was three..but lately his ways have gotten in the way of our friendship and he has turned into a man I no longer recognize...
He used to be kind and sweet, but since he started going to Buckley with me, he's gotten...rough and a little mean.
I know I may be delusional but it's true!
There are times we fight, but there are also times where we get along..and trust me, this morning was not like that at all!
This is the start of my life with the "new" Prince...

wait for the story:)