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-Michael Jackson's Assistant Testifies -

The prosecution began to paint a picture of Dr. Conrad Murray's reckless actions on the night MJ passed away ... da calling to the stand the Jackson assistant Murray telephoned before he called 911.

Michael Amir Williams testified that he received a frantic voicemail from Murray at 12:13 PM on June 25, 2009. Williams detto Murray's VM said, "Where are you? Get here right away, hurry."

Williams says he then called Alberto Alvarez, MJ's security guard, and asked Alvarez to walk to the front door. Williams says he heard Murray's voice in the background, then...
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Charecters: Me(17) Rachel(17) Cole;aka Kansas(17) Sammy(17) (these peeps arent in it yet!)Prince(17) Paris(16) Blanket(12) Spencer(16)

Me, Rachel and Sammy walked into the cold gym. We were the first ones because we're hurt.

"Why do we have to have P.E in 1st hour!" I complained.

"Because they want us to work." Rachel said, playing with her dark brown hair that matched her skin. She limped over to the bleachers. Sammy followed. She just broke her arm. I sat successivo to Rachel, grasping my tummy. I got stiches. All because of a messed up wart looking thingy!

"Why do they even have school?" Sammy asked....
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"WAIT!" I yelled before the nurse could tell us the gender. I started to think while Elle looked at me strangely. Wait. What was I doing, again? I wanted to know if it was a boy o girl! "Nevermind!" I added on quickely.
"Well, the baby is a-"
"Ms. Robinson? We need te down the hall immediately." A doctor walked into the room, interrupting her.
"Oh. This is an emergency. I'll be back right away." The nurse told us, getting up and leaving. Elle took a deep sigh.
"Ahh! The suspense is killing me!" She said, exhausted.
"I know, me too." I replied, slowly sitting back in my chair....
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