Princess Anna 10 days of Anna Awesoness

KishaQuinones14 posted on Jan 13, 2014 at 06:06AM
Hi Guys! so i thought about a game called 10 Anna awsomeness
ok, so here the game goes: each day you answer a question about Anna in 10 days. So you could know each other's pick. well, enjoy!
1.Coronation Dress or Winter Dress?
2.Young Anna or young elsa?
3.Kristoff or hans?
4.Let it go or for the first time in forever?
5.nice anna or funny anna?
6.coronation updo or braid?
7.Elsa or Anna?
8.Anna singing or Anna Dancing?
9.Caring Anna or happy Anna?
10.Elsa and Anna or Anna?

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