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posted by Mrz-Princeton1
 Princeton outfit
Princeton outfit
HOSPITAL ROOM...............................

// My POV \\
Mornin time this divano is so soft princey still sleep well im go buy some toothpaste and toothbrushes while he sleeps
// End of POV\\
I went to the gift shop

// Princeton POV\\
Mornin ba.... wer is she
Princeton: Jazzy
Jazzy: ..........
Princeton got up and walked to her letto side
Princeton: Jazzy * gently shaking her *
Jazzy: hmmm
Princeton: wers Via
Jazzy: idk ....i was .... sleep
Princeton: sit up
Jazzy sat up
Princeton: how yu feel
Jazzy: aching
Princeton: at least yur alive
Jazzy: yes Princeton can i tell yu something
Princeton: sure wat
Jazzy: i feel lik i dont wanna Amore any più cuz im always gettin hurt physically and emotionally * holdin back tears *
Princeton: its ok yu find the right lover god sent him to this earth just for yu * hugging her *
Jazzy: * winced* ow
Princeton: * quickly let go * sowwy
Jazzy: its owwk
// End of POV\\
I walked in
// my POV\\
Princeton: and where wer yu * crossing his arms *
Me: downstairs making out wit some boii
Princeton: wat wer he at an.........
Me: jk chill
Princeton: dont play bout tht
Me: im sowwy
Princeton: now come hea
Me: owk
I walked ova to him and gav him a French kissand then hugged him
Me: jazzy how yu feelin
Jazzy: good
There was a knock at the door the doctor walked in
Doctor: mornin
Us: mornin
Doctor:how yu feel Jazmine
Jazzy: a lil pains around my whipping but ova all good
Doctor: well wer going to go take some test then yu will be ready to go home * smiles *
Jazzy: ok lets go
They bringed a wheelchair in a wheeled her off somewhere
Me and Princeton went the gift store and i bought me and Jazzy a outfit and Princeton bought his outfit we went back to the room and changed then we sat and waited
Princeton: via
Me: princey
Princeton: i Amore yu
Me: i Amore yu too
We cuddled
Princeton: i cant wait
Me: wait for wat
Princeton: for our children to be here
Me: i cant either * kissed him*
Princeton bit his lip
Me: stop tht
Princeton: stop wat
Me: biting yur lip
Princeton: why
Me: it makes me weak * shivers*
Princeton: i made yu weak i kno hhow to make yu weak now
Me: and i kno how to do the same wen these bambini are out then ill mostra yu how weak i can get yu
Princeton: i lik the sound of tht
Me: ik yu do
Jazzy and the doctor came in
Me: Hellur
Jazzy: hellur
Princeton: wer yu guys get tht from
Me and Jazzy: * gasps* yu dont no of madea
Princeton: no
Me: omb we gots to have madea movie night tonight
Princeton: ok ill tell Roc to go get all her movies
Jazzy: his movies
Princeton: madea a boii
Me: madea is a man whos dressed up lik a women
Princeton: wat
Me: yu see wen we watch
Doctor: no mean to interrupt
Me: yur fine
Doctor: Yu guys can go here her prescription go to a nearby pharmacy and get it picked up * handing me the prescription* this is for her cuts apply it on them every 4 hours and they will clear up ova time
Me: yes maam
The doctor detto goodbye and left
Me: princey can yu giv us some privacy
Princeton: why
Me: so i can change her into her clothes she needs help yu no
Princeton: im out going to the gift store
Princeton gave me a baciare and left
Jazzy: wat outfit yu bought me
Me this * showing. Her the outfit *
Jazzy: i Amore it
Me: i got yu something else
Jazzy: wat
I pulled out the balloons and a card wit flowers
Jazzy: aww
She took them and read the card out loud
Jazzy: i hope this card brings to yu a little raggio, ray of sunshine tht makes yur troubles faded away and remember if yu ever needed me im neva far away hope yur feeling better soon ~ Amore Vic
She hugged me tightly
Me: doesn't tht hurt
Jazzy: aww yes but idc i Amore it yur the best
Me: ik Amore yu
Jazzy: Amore yu too
Me: lets get yu changed up
Jazzy: ok
I helped her get dress and we left the hospital and went home

Princeton had help me get Jazzy out the car and we went in side the house
Everyone but me Jazzy and Princeton : surprise!!!!!
Jazzy was speechless
RayRay: say something
Jazzy: thanks guys i Amore yu * giving everyone a hug *
Me: blow out the candles
She went ova thought bout her wish then blowed out the. Candles
Everyone: yaaaayyy * clapping*
Sis: who wants cake
Us: me!!!!
Tyti: imma get a knife
Tyti wen t and got a knife
Charlie: let me get the plates
She went and got the plates
Prodigy had cut the cake nd i passed it out to everyone
Roc: yo dis cake is busting
Me: i think it wicked * British accent *
We laughed
Jazzy: imma go get something from my closet brb
// end of POV\\
So Jazzy went upstairs to her room and closed the door then went to her closet andd....................

To be continued..................
 Jazzy outfit
Jazzy outfit
 My outfit
My outfit
 The cake detto get well soon
The cake said get well soon
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