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ciao guys I need te help!!!

this is my situation:I like this guy right let cxall him R,before that a friend of mine liked him to but she detto she was so over him,well I fell for him after that (we were just friends)because she liked a nother guy.
Well the now she doesn't like the guy anymore and she fell for R again because their texting again wiht each orher.
R knows what I feel form him but I don't know how he feels.
What must I do!!!
Please help!!
ok here is what te do so te say your friend likes r well all te do is just ask him how he fells about te and if he likes te and asks te out then say yes and tell your friend it will be ok then huck her up with the last guy te liked i am pritty sure te have a good tast in guys
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alfarox said:
te could just ask him how he feels.he really know what te feel about him so i am sure that he will think of something.
Just play a little game and find out what he thinks about you
PLAY IT COOL! DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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posted più di un anno fa 
jennydunno said:
i think u shld ne first whether he lykes u tana, den if he does,den u tell ur fwend bout it ..if he doesnt tana, den leave it afterall its jst a crush rite???nd also if he does ur fwends shld leave him since she noes bout ur fellings 4 him

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