PTA and Banished Pokemon Trainer Academy New Grand Opening Generation Plan!

Riku114 posted on Nov 14, 2013 at 05:25AM
Basically where we can chart down the info for the new Generation and the comeback of Pokemon Trainer Academy! The things listed her have been decided on though over discussion maybe changed

Co-Owner: Wanta

Co-Owner: Riku

Adviser: Cyrus

Goal! Figure out most of Part 1 Questions so we can start the rp!


Basic plot map:

Part 1: Setting, introduce characters, build on characters, enemy first appears

Part 2: Enemy takes over academy

Part 3: Training and uprising for Retaliation

Part 4: Protagonist and School beat the enemy


Questions needed to be answered at the moment for each part:

Part One:
What is the group?
This is a large, secretive, businesslike group of people who use their power to influence events around them to suit their own purposes.
Who is included in the group? Some from past? Some new? What are their ranks?
Alpha Shadow. And other new characters
Who is the head, the owner of the group?
This group is a business. There are bosses that have bosses that have bosses etc etc. All of this leads to a single person at the head who is the 'CEO' of the organization.
Why/What is this group looking for?
The group believes that the incredible powers that Pokemon possess are wasted on them and that those powers would be better suited belonging to the humans. So they began to experiment with the goal of successfully giving a human the powers of a Pokemon. That being said, they were only partially successful. They need something else to perfect the procedure. Something that is hidden at The Pokemon Trainer Academy. But like you'd suspect, the 'CEO' has other things in mind.
When in P1 should this group first appear?
Near the end of the rp
Is this school outdoor, indoor, mix, and are we or are we not using the old layout?
Basically the same but it is no longer on an island.
Teachers/Staff. What classes should be open?
Mythology/Lore Breeding Battle Medical PokeCare History Potion
Rules, Reinforced and edited
Regular. More will be though up as time goes
When is this occuring in the school year?
Towards the beginning.

Part Two:
How do they take over?

Check point events

WHY cant the teachers/staff do anythign about it?

When is this occuring in the school year?

Part Three:
How do they train?

What is the plan?

Who trains them?

How do they get around the previous reason why they couldnt do anything about it?

When is this during the year?

Checkpoint events

Part Four:
How is the plan executed?

Who participates?

Plans/Backup plans?

Check point events


Character Sheet:






Teacher or Student?:

Home Town & Region:

Poke-Party: (Include: Nickname, Species, Attacks, Natures, Gender, Level)

Other info:

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più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Oh god, with this organized I can finally get out of the single loop my mind was thinking in. I really had to make this so I could think clearly with an organized plan and so Cyrus could also participate
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
I suggest Part 1 taking place in the beginning of the school year like how we started PTA.

For when the group should appear, I suggest middle or end of Part 1, after all, Part 1 is mostly built to introduce the setting with the conflict just appearing. We dont want to know TOO much about it.
più di un anno fa cyrus498 said…
I was thinking a few characters could be descendants of the last one.Although i do enjoy the idea of a clean slate but if we do have a few descendants they shouldn't be affiliated with any of the others as in.No relation to factions until the story deepens
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Explain such. Im fien with a flat completely new slate. I have my main female protagonist already thought up and sketched through as well as her brother. Im thinking of making a friend as well. And honestly, i dont think Im gonna have a flying type or bird specialist
più di un anno fa wantadog said…
Ok. So let's get this started.

Q1-3: Who is involved in this group? Who is the leader? and What system of leadership do they use?

A: While Bruce was being used by the group, he himself is not a part of it so he will not be included in the rp. (As a reference point, he made his peace with the academy sometime during the end of Gen 2.)

B: As we already know, the Alpha Shadow is part of the group after being recruited by one of the organizations members.

C: Since this is a highly advanced and businesslike organization, we can say with certainty that there is a business ranking system. There are bosses that have bosses that have bosses which finally leads to a CEO. This also suggests funding from an outside source.

Q4: What is the group looking for?


Q5: When in part 1 should they appear?

A: They should appear completely at the end of the part. there will be posts using them but they will not appear in front of the protagonists till the end.

Q6: What does the Academy look like?
The Academy can't have changed much but it will have been moved. No longer on an island.

Q7-8: Teacher and Staff? What classes?
The usual teachers and staff. There will be professors, there will be nurses and doctors, there will be security guards. ETC ETC. It should also offer classes for any age group.

Q9: What rules?
Obviously a curfew and it should be very strict this time around. (Lol no late night campfires.)

Q10: When in the school year?
Towards the beginning.
più di un anno fa wantadog said…
I probably won't be making any descendants but I'm fine with them being made so long as it isn't focused solely on who their dad is or something.
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
No, by rules I mean PTA really lost its list of rules. It became a ruleless rp. We are going to have to remake the rules.
più di un anno fa wantadog said…
Oh well those we'll probably make when we make the rp and add more as needed. Definitely a no one liner rule. We'll also have to be strict in making sure people follow the rules.
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Alright, for number 1-3 I agree. How should we answer the quesitons though? For Number 4, all we thought up so far is some sort of legend that really wont need to be thought up till Part 2. Number 5 is also agreeable. Number 6, im fine with that.

Number 7 and 8, I think we should get more planned on the subjects being the past two years they were just random. I think we should have the basic academics plus a few pokemon academics. Maybe each student should get a choice of 8 classes with a few manadtories?

Number 10 I agree

And yes we will have to be strict. Whack them into listening
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più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Well Wanta has a point on your case cyrus. I probably wont be making either.

So what are the thoughts on abilities? I personally say no. They just got overdone in the previous parts.
più di un anno fa wantadog said…
Ya no abilities. At least not for the protagonists. Remember what we were talking about in the mails?
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Oh yeah yeah. I know i know.
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
So we should make that a rule right? If so should we say 'no abilities' or 'no abilities on the protagonists'. We should also mention that we have a long plot planned out for the newbies that may come in. We dont want them creating a second set of antagonists. We should have them pass it though us
più di un anno fa cyrus498 said…
Hey so Should we Post our characters now or should we Hold off because i have this one.I like
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Wanta? I have two I am pretty set on except the bio and one Im considering. For now I think Ill stick with three...... FOR NOW
più di un anno fa cyrus498 said…
I am stuck with..5 I have one teacher ,two students and one evil business man is that Okay?I am wondering if you foresee any future Problems
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Well Im not counting the teachers, I mean student wise. Im probably going to make like 2 or 3 teachers.

Explain this evil buisness man.
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
più di un anno fa cyrus498 said…
Hmm Oh your Now intrigued are you?Let me explain

Hideki Nishiro Is a corporate metals trader who figured out there is a massive Quantity Of gold underneath The academy. Which he was denied access to mine there so he attempts to steal the gold underneath alot
last edited più di un anno fa
 Hmm Oh your Now intrigued are you?Let me explain Hideki Nishiro Is a corporate metals trader who
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
As long as he doesnt interfere with the plot. Also remember that we arent having level 50s in the begining. We need to set a level range for their experience in the academy.

Well I gtg for now bye
più di un anno fa wantadog said…
I'm not too sure on that but I guess if Riku is ok with it then it is fine with me too.
più di un anno fa cyrus498 said…
Oh Wanta you will see things my way

And you will see them even more with my new probably not going to go batshit crazy character!
più di un anno fa wantadog said…
As long as it isn't another Core. XD
più di un anno fa cyrus498 said…
Wanta.....................................­...­...­...­...­...­...­...­...­...­...­...­...­...­...­...­...­...­...­...­...­...­Mak­ing Another Core would require LEO To take over and that's not going to happen so if anything maybe a second Pyro But that's just a MAYBE
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
So before I go to school here are some important questions to answer or things to figure out:

Level Ranges (to avoid OP students)


Rule Suggestions (we will need to agree on these)

For the group, i think we should go through the rp and plan that as we go.
più di un anno fa wantadog said…
I think the beginning levels should be around 5-20. 5-10 for freshman and 11-20 for seniors. The teachers should have indeterminate levels for their Pokemon.

Classes should be more focused on a Pokemon thing rather than normal math, english, language, ETC. There should be battle classes, breeding classes, Pokemon Lore and History, ETC.

The rules should include all of the standard ones like no godmodding, no one liners, use proper grammar, etc. Specific rules should be thought up as we go.
più di un anno fa cyrus498 said…
No Asshatary?
più di un anno fa wantadog said…
If by that you mean be polite to the other rp'ers then yes. That should be included XD
più di un anno fa cyrus498 said…
Yes.So how many years in the future are we in the Rp since the last

più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Okay, so for classes:

Hey what are your ideas on a student council?

For freshmenI would say 5-10, sophomores 8-13 juniors 11-16 seniors 14-20 cause there are more than first and fourth years.
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Okay so now we need:


Time it takes place in relevance to the previous gens

Student council?

Officiate everything

The group we will plan as the rp rolls on
più di un anno fa cyrus498 said…
I already Have one teacher Is the student council rand by students because if so I could have Yasashi and Jaakuna join
last edited più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
No. The student council would be run by strangers. Of course! I was considering having one of my characters in it and then dragging in her friend
più di un anno fa cyrus498 said…
I decided to have a Evil twin Good twin Scenario with Yasashi and Jaakuna
All in japanese
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Sometimes I do my names translated after something, other times I dont. This time I said na. I need wanta on to help make the final decisions
più di un anno fa cyrus498 said…
Lol i don't even remember where i got Core from....Then again.....Bah nevermind
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Well core has a core...... Should I make a character forum too?
più di un anno fa cyrus498 said…
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Kay then one second
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…

più di un anno fa wantadog said…
I'm not sure. I mean this will probably not be actually made till the end of December so we have plenty of time.
last edited più di un anno fa
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
Meh. Anyways, so all we need is the group for Part One. and the jest for part two
più di un anno fa wantadog said…
Yup. I'll work on the group and probably message you with it sometime tomorrow.
più di un anno fa cyrus498 said…
Evil group or protagonist Group?Can i finally get to be a protagonist?
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
If you can do the role properly. I never said you couldnt cyrus. Oh and the evil group. Im not thinking as well as usual, for somereason I am actually tired.
più di un anno fa cyrus498 said…
This time it will be different. I am on my good meds NO LEO NO CRAZY....Maybe Jaakuna Might be a little evil but thats all And i mean just a bad person not a villain of the series
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
XD We will see how it goes. That kind of stuff is really all up to you. ANYWAYS. I need to go, see ya tmmarow. Dont forget about banished
più di un anno fa cyrus498 said…
Sometimes the Meds won't even help.Anyways GOODBYE DO YOUR SCIENCE HOMEWORK RIKU
più di un anno fa Riku114 said…
I would post but being social was too tiring. Also tommarow I will be gone from 12pm-2am *3pm-5am for wanta* for band stuff so I wont be on Unless it is the morning
più di un anno fa cyrus498 said…