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WARNING: It is probable that the interview te are about to read is the most pathetic thing te will ever lay eyes on for numerous reasons. The main one being that I won, and those hos Shandeh and Kriztin claim to suck at interviews leaving me to interview myself. Another is that in this interview there are numerous (failed) attempts to be funny. So read with caution.

(This is where I would congratulate anyone else, but congratulating yourself makes te sound like a tool)

Why do te ship St. Berry?
Bitch, I wrote an entire link about this so I could clearly go on for a while about how much I...
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Congrats Shandi!!! ILY. How does it feel being the secondo ever St.Berry FOTM?
Thanks, LY2! It's lovely and very sweet, thanks to everyone who voted for me, I Amore te all for loving St. Berry. :}

Go ahead and introduce yourself and say some shit about you.
Uhm... my name is Shandi, I'm pretty nice sometimes, I use emotes too much, and I Amore to make fanart/icons.

 "in real life as best friends"
"in real life as best friends"
Why St. Berry?
Because Jon & Lea have had years to build up their chemistry, on Broadway, and in real life as best Friends and it's undeniable on the show. I don't understand how...
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 I went down with ship, but I don't regret a secondo of it.
I went down with ship, but I don't regret a second of it.
Okay, I get it. Jesse's a jerk. Rachel deserves better. He never liked her. He was obviously just playing with her. Etc. Etc. If te haven't seen any of those statements made about St. Berry, te have clearly been living under a rock. But regardless of whatever those haters say I cannot stop shipping this couple. I can think of hundreds of reasons why, but here are my superiore, in alto five.

1. Chemistry.
I honestly do not think there is anyone who can logically dispute this one. Lea and Jon have the kind of sparks that can make your cuore break and squeal with joy in the same scene. I'm sure it comes from...
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posted by ranstell2703
Fachel's fan this is my opinion :( don't be mad at me.

They sound AWFUL together.
Ex.Smile (Just listen to it)
You're the one that I want ( The first time and te can already tell Rachel's voice is flawless,Finn is not) Don't stop Believing (I can't barely hear Finn's voice because of Rachel blocking all of it ;(

Finn voice is high and delicate. It is not strong but very unique, It can take on Unbelievable note. But when he is Canto with Rachel her well-trained voice block all of it. Loved Finn and Quinn version of Don't stop.

Make out
Rachel is hot. Admit it. She's strong. And she CAN make...
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Congrats, Kris!! I'm so proud of you, love! How does it feel to be the 3rd St. Berry FOTM?
D'aww! Thanks, Shanders! It feels AMAZING. (Yeah, I used caps, te jealous?). Thank te so much to everyone who voted for me! I've never really won any of these things, so I feel just... Awesome right now.

For the very few FPers that don't know te yet, describe yourself a bit;
My name is Kristin. I'm insane. I believe that people should walk on escalators. I think Prince Naveen is the sexiest thing ever. Hayden Christensen can't act, but Anakin Skywalker is essentially the Amore of my life. Jon Groff is...
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