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RainbowBriteUk posted on Jul 04, 2009 at 02:54AM
Greeting's 80's Fans!

It is Rainbow Brite's 25th Anniversary this year, and Playmates Toys along with United Media are bringing you a NEW Rainbow Brite, as well as releasing some "Retro" apparel later this year.

Here is the new Rainbow Brite designs for girls to be released shortly.

Rainbow Brite and Friends:
Moonglow, Nite, Starlite, Rainbow Brite, Twinkle, Twilite, Tickled Pink and Sunriser

There is a 3rd horse (Shimmer, for Moonglow) but she isn't pictured.

I'm trying to get fans to tell their opinions about the new designs and their thoughts of other things. Some people are not impressed with these new images, but please also know they ARE releasing the "Retro/Classic" designs on cloths.

What do you think?
 Greeting's 80's Fans! It is arcobaleno Brite's 25th Anniversary this year, and Playmates Toys along w
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più di un anno fa lcriss said…
Wait, wha?? Who's moonglow, whats with the outfits? And since when did the color kids and Rainbow grow up?? Geesh Wow, thanks for ruining my childhood fav...

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