2010 decade in review

in honor of the closing of a decade, I would like te to lista what was to te the 5 most momentious occasions of the decade, and I also want te to lista the best and worst
TV shows

Have fun and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
 Snugglebum posted più di un anno fa
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XxEmolovexX said:
Songs - best : just the way te are. worst : baby
Film - best : the sorcerers apprentice. worst : idk
TV shows - best : new southpark episodes. worst : anything with justin beiber
libri - best : the last apprentice series. worst : idk
Actors/Actresses - best : idk worst : justin beiber
Singers - best : selena gomez. worst - justin beiber
Authors - best : Joseph Delaney. worst - idk
Games - best : world of warcraft cataclysm. worst : idk

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posted più di un anno fa 
Mallory101 said:
Songs: Best:Jar of Hearts Worst:Whip My Hair
Movies: Best:Secretariat Worst:Dear John
TV shows: Best: NCIS - Unità anticrimine Worst:The Undercovers
Actors/Actresses: Best:Diane Lane Worst:Channing Tatum[/b]
Singers: Best: Eminem Worst: Justin Bieber

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posted più di un anno fa 
zombiestars said:
News: best:idk worst:haiti earth quake, oil spill
songs: best:
10:rude boy-rihanna
9.bad romance-lady gaga( my fav artist & song)
8.omg-usher(least fav artist fav song)
7.break your heart-taio cruz
6.just the way te are-bruno mars(don't like it)
5.need te now-lady antebellum
4.airplanes-B.O.B ft. hayley williams
3.nothin on you-B.O.B ft.Bruno Mars
2.Love the way te lie-eminem ft.Rihanna
1.California Gurls- katy perry ft.snoop dogg
Songs: worst:idk
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posted più di un anno fa 
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