Who is your preferito person and tell me 10 fun facts o more.You know about him o her

My preferito person is Michael Jackson:).

1-Michael loved water balloon fights.

2-MJ loves mexican food, later in his life he loved KFC ‘s fried chicken.

3-Michael loved the three stooges.

4-Michael loved caramelle especially Lollipops.

5-Michael had a giving albero where he wrote heal the world,black o white,childhood,will te be there and more.

6-He had a pet chimp named bubbles

7-When Michael was younger, he enjoyed hiding spiders in his sister LaToya's bed.

8-Michael is very ticklish.

9-'Moonwalk' (Michael's autobiography) was a number one best seller in the United States and England.

10-Michael Jackson was very shy, once on stage he changed in a completely different person, off stage people did’n't recognize him anymore because of his shyness.

11-He loved ladies who were stylish, like lady Diana

12-Michael Jackson believes in God, he always prayed before shows and used the name of God in his “thank te ” speeches at award winning shows.

13- MJ’s laugh was very loud, once he begun laughing he could not stop!

14- Michael Jackson loved art, he liked artists like Michelangelo. A TRUE artist is always inspired da another artist.

15-Michael was a great cook and made french crostini, pane tostato for his kids.

16-Michael loved to prank people.

17-Michael's most ticklish place was under his foot

18-He was a bad driver.

19-He orignally wanted to start his solo career at 18.\

20-His preferito cake is Chocolate.

21-Litterbugs gets on Michael’s nerves.

22-Michael thinks falling asleep on a soft cuscino is heavenly.

23-Go On a Roller Coaster with Michael and te will win his heart. The scarier the better.

24-Michael hates mosquitoes.

25-His fav colori were red, gold, and black.

26-He can't stand people getting mistreated.

I know this is a lot but ya i'm a huge fan :)
 Who is your preferito person and tell me 10 fun facts o more.You know about him o her
 koolkat-1104 posted più di un anno fa
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IloveMyLord said:
someone without specfic name
1- he always comes to us on his site to surprise us
2- I have to admit ,he's kind
3- he doesn't like politic and sports
4- he 's handsome
5- he doesn't have body guards
6- he doesn't repeat himself again
7- he's honest, has sense of humor.
8- he a bit wise ,smart
9- he has pet cat called king julian
10- his dream is to unite people with his music.

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posted più di un anno fa 
I Bet , I regret saying that.
IloveMyLord posted più di un anno fa
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