I know I've asked this domanda b4 but...

I've been gone 4 so long now it's time 2 bring it back!

I need help! IDK if I like this guy o not, I think about him MOST of the time. He is one of the last thing I think about when I sleep and one of the 1st things I think about when I wake up. I've known him 4 a anno + I used 2 h8 him. I didn't get it when my friend detto she liked him until now (my friend doesn't like him anymore). Recently I've gotten the courage 2 speak 2 him + he makes me laugh a lot. I'm not a smiley person (in fact I h8 smiles), but he makes me smile. Whenever I make him laugh/smile its like, IDK it's just...

We've only gotten 2 know each other recently, but I've known him 4 a anno so. Whenever he comes in my direction, I'm really happy, but when he goes 2 some1 else I just feel not upset, a bit crushed.

I need help now!
 IloveDxC posted più di un anno fa
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XxEmolovexX said:
I know your feel bro. te def like him tho. Same thing happened with me, i used to hate a guy then i liked him o.O We're together now and it's best decision i've made. Go get your guy :)
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posted più di un anno fa 
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