I need ideas! Please help me :)

Anyone has ideas on a subject for a debate? I do tutoring and one of my student has to write an essay on whether he's for/against something... Right now, we're only practicing on different subjects but I don't have many ideas on which subject we could work on...

So far, we've worked on

Death Sentence

If te could help me, Tommy, Gowan and I we would really appreciate it! :)
 I need ideas! Please help me :)
 Mrs-X posted più di un anno fa
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BlindBandit92 said:
1.women's rights
2.equal rights
3.scientific discoveries and their appropriate uses
4.animal testing
5.civil wars
6.animal rights
7.why the color yellow makes me sad. (LOL I am just joking. I got that from a commercial. XD)
12.The conduct of the revolutionary war
13.chemotherapy and whether o no there's a safer alternative
15.women's rights in other countries
16.pop culture
17.the effects of violent Musica and other violent media
18.Should old people go to old people's homes
20.Nuclear wastes
22.Global warming

And that's all I can think of.
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