What do te guyz think of this?

I'm stumped... I'm thinking real hard if I should make another fan fiction, and it's gonna be a combo of children of the mais and rosario. But, it's gonna be in my version. Sould I do it? And if so, which club should I put it in? I'm gona be in it, and a bunch of my Friends are gonna be in it. Also, what do te guys tink it should be called? Micah's the cotc kid in it and he meets all of us and stuff. So, what do te uys think? :( oh, and should I make a little series?
I think te should give it a shot.I mean,what have te got to lose?Also,I think it should be in the "Children of The Corn" club,if they have it here.The titolo should probably be...CHILDREN OF THE ROSAIRIO XD
90sfan posted più di un anno fa
 101trx posted più di un anno fa
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