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I got bored, so here te go.

1. BlueEyedDemon

2. SuicidalSlut

3. MaliciousIntent

4. GloomyTears

5. Blacklight

6. DarkSunshine

7. FallenIsolation

8. DrowningInTears

9. DismalAngel

10. FallenSolitude

11. HopingInSolitude

12. SilentCall

13. CountingOnRain

14. CalledForMishap

15. RuefulDestiny

16. FallenAngel

17. KilledByAnAngel (I know for a fact it's taken on here da my twin sis but I made it up)

18. FlamingCore

19. Darkenin(g)InRegret (The G could be taken off if there is a 15 character like on Fanpop)


21. RunWithScissors

22. PlaydateWithFire (Over 15 characters but... I like it)

23. RejectedStar

24. SoulIsDarkening

25. InTheAsylum

26. PuncturedSoul

27. WoundedSoul

28. WiltedCore

29. WitheringCore

30. aPiratesLifeForMe (Alternative for 15 letter limits: aPiratesLife4Me)

31. VexedLove

32. Slaughterhouse

33. BurnThePictures

34. BloodWarmsMe

35. CuttingLifeAway

39. OvertheRiver

40. LoneSoul

41. MissingSoul

42. DeceasedOne

43. ShardsOfGlass

44. InTheMourning

45. TheParawhore (For Paramore innamorati like myself)

46. OpenDuskToDawn

47. ColdBreeze

48. GustOfWind

49. MisfitGhoul

50. TenderSoul
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 What to do when your bored, Things to do when your bored, rid of boredom
What to do when your bored, Things to do when your bored, rid of boredom

Boredom is the worst things in your life. Boredom is the state of mind which made your mind stop running o we can say that "still". Stillness is developed due to lack of activeness and energy. Mind Boredom has absolutely nothing to do, with lack of things to do. It has everything to do with your state of mind.

Once in a while we all really getting bored, at that time we want something to do which make your mind refresh and energetic. There are so many things to do when te are bored is just that to find the things which entertain yourself and make your mind busy. When te fell bored...
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fate grand order
saber wars 2
round tavolo feat.
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Well I talked about the issues about things non-related to the film itself. And now I finally saw the movie itself.. Not gonna lie, it was fucking awesome.. So lets see if I can make a good review of it. I'm no WindWaker430, but I do my best..

So I saw this film with my sister and her boyfriend (PS: She’s younger da at least a year).

So lets start with the first thing.. The laugh.. This movie takes a very unexpected approach. It addresses the infamish joker laugh as a ongoing condition, rather than the usual evil laugh cliche. It's something Arthur Fleck cannot control. There's always a certain...
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Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne, known in other regions as Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifer’s Call, is the “third” game in the SMT franchise. And I say third with Citazioni because any SMT fan will tell te that’s bullshit. The third in the mainline franchise, yes, but SMT has had several spin offs and franchises all from the Shin Megami Tensei titles alone. Hell, one of them that te may know, and the reason why te are Leggere this articolo right now to yell at me over, is the Persona franchise. Persona is part of the same series, but vastly different. Persona is a game that is about the...
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Famous Newgrounds content creator, also known as Arin Hanson from the let’s play channel Game Grumps, was once a prolific animator and considered one of the biggest. If te don’t know Arin as an animator, you’d be forgiven for that. Arin Hanson’s old career has been buried and forgotten, but hey, times change right…. Right…. Right?! Hello, boys and girls. Welcome to another episode of Content Cop. Idubbbz here with the new rant article. I ranted before about David Cage and his creeping abilities, but now it’s time to talk about something else. It’s time to hit closer to home....
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Saturday Night Live skit where Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson invents a child molesting robot. I didn't know about this until today.
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So as I am finishing up Kingdom Hearts 3, I figured I would spread some Amore around one of my preferito Kingdom Hearts female characters - Larxene.

So this is going to be più in a ramble format, but fun fact, Larxene was one of my preferiti when I was a lot younger and joining into KH for the first time in KH 358/2 days. Part of this reason was because she was the rare image of a strong powerful female amongs a crowd of primarily male characters and female characters that were otherwise reliant on male characters. In a way, younger me kind of saw it as something that was really fucking cool...
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