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There are many reasons as to why i believe she has earned this title.
1.She fattens her kids TOO Much.
2. She has let her kids get away with WAY too much crap.
3. She has let her daughter(honey boo boo) become a household name.
4. She and her entire family has made America Look Bad.
5. She herself is a BAD example for mothers everywhere.
6. She has let people to believe that being fat is alright.
7. She was once considered for Dancing with the Stars(which in it of itself would of been bad)
8. She had one of the Worst weddings that I have ever seen.
9. She should NOT have allowed her family get a show.
So as u can see she has proven to be the WORST Mother on the face of the earth.
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1. Always have kindness with you. If te have no kindness, then you're no better than anyone else.

2. Always listen to what your Friends have to explain. If they have a proublem and need to explain it to you, stop what you're doing and listen to them carefully.

3. Be respectfull. Using respect will let the person know who te are o what they think te are.

4. Never curse at your friends. It will lead to arguments, breakouts, and maybe even sleepless nights o bad days.

5. Always lend a hand. If you're Friends are having a prouble, feel free to lend a hand for them. But remeber to ask them if...
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