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Brianna'a POV
He just kissed me...... it's like my lifed just flashed before my eyes. Randy:did te like the kiss?? Me:yeah.... i loved it(smiles) Randy:so te wanna stay with me for the night?? Me:i dont know i dont wanna get in trouble when i go home tommorrow. Randy:well do te want me to walk te home at least?? Me:sure. So randy starts walking me home. Randy:you know i would never say something like that right???? Me:yeah... i guess i learned my lesson... never believe what comes out of your enemy's mouth(laughing) Randy:lesson learned(laughs)So we get to my house. Randy:see te in school...
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posted by RayRaybabii2467
Brianna's POV
So im sitten in class bein bored as hell cuz this teacher dont know how to stop talkin so i started dozen off until all the girls in my class started sayin omg he is so cute and i put my head up like huh and then i see this cute boy with two braids in his hair and the cutest smile and te know he's so cute i cant take my eyes off of him. ????:ummm can i help you? Me:huuh what... oh sorry didn mean to stare. when i detto that i putmy head down cuz like the whole class was looking at me and i was so embarrased. ???:it's ok alot of girls aways stare at me. then he sat down successivo to...
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