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Mindless Behavior
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This Ray Ray (Mindless behavior) wallpaper contains occhiali da sole, occhiali scuri, ombre, and sfumature.

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Mindless Behavior
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As te were blasting Musica into your ears, ‘That Should Be Me’ da Justin .B came onto your Ipod. This song described EXACTLY how te were feeling at the moment and te couldnt anything but softly cry. It felt as though te had drained yourself and te just didnt have anymore tears to cry. te didnt want to listen to the rest of the song so te just sat there for the remaining of your bath relaxing. Your phone began to ring and te picked it up, not looking at the caller id..
YN: hello.?
???: te Amore him dont you..?
YN: What.?! who is this.?
???: youve got caller id, look and see who it is.!...
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posted by RayRaycutie
at school the nxt day
my pov
wtf?! did randy just say he likd me?! no. no. no. no way mariah! but i kind of lik him 2-WTF AM I SAYNG?! HE FREAKN BEAT ME UP!!!!!!! NO H3LL NO!!!!!

me-*at my locker*
???-ohhhh u look cute 2day!
me-hey chrys-is that a new outfit?!
chrys-me?! wadda bout u?!
me n chrys 2gthr-LOOK AT U!!!!
me-lmao! watcha doin girlie?
chrys-nun just lookin at fine boys pass-hey baby wnna come hlp me study?
me-ugggg gurl u a freak
chrys-speakng of freak wat about u n HIM?!
me-nun he ddnt hurt me...he was-...nice
chrys-lmao ur kddng rite?!
me-no he was n he-well nvm tht would be...
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posted by NyashaJ
Prod: .......Tanya (Sam's other BFF)
Sam: What?!? If te break her cuore imma break you!!
Prod: O-ok, good to know but I won't break my baby's heart! She ha rubato, stola my cuore so if any is going to break a cuore it would be her breaking mine!
Girls: aaaaaawwwwww!
Boys: eeeeeewwwwww!
Prod: Don't be haterz just cuz y'all don't know what its like to be in love!
Roc: We do but we don't say stupid stuff like that!
Geek: Well.... I don't think its stupid I think its sweet! I don't know why you've only been snapped up just now!
Prod: *looks down and speaks in a sad voice* I guess I've just been looking for my Mrs...
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