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posted by _Paris_3
asiah:o-m-g i Amore you
me:roc invited me because he likes me is all
asiah:so the hell what, me and raggio, ray are gonna be perfect
me:*raises eyebrow* does he even know te like him
asiah:of course
me:can ya'll please act like normal people and not
try to catch attention
asiah:i don't even know why i'm getting my hopes up boys don't like girls lie me
me:what are te talking about
asiah:i'm not stupid i know those boys don't mess with me cause they like me.....that was in like 6th grade
me:i know.........but those boys are jerks. I've been knowing mb a mese and i can tell that...
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From Roc's P.O.V (Point of View)
Me: Damn!
Prince: What?
Me: Jazzy losted her figure...
Prod: That's what y'all get for doing the Rated-R!
Me: Do te have a girlfriend? No! Exactly!
Prince: Yeah, but Rox doesn't let me do it until there's a ring on her finger.
Me: Well she's different.
Prince: Yea....
Roxanne: ciao guys!
Prince: Hey!
Roxanne: Dont pretend. I heard every word yall said.
Prince: Oh....
At school.....
Rosie: link
Jazmine: Oh brother.....
Rosie: Now you're pregnant? Wow a whore te are..
Me: Leave her alone....
Rosie: No....she need 2 hear this. te think you're better than me, but you're just another...
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From Roxanne's P.O.V (Point of View)
That evening, Roc & Jazzy (Jazmine) were in her room.
Me: I hope they're not doing the Rated-R in there.
Jacob: They are....
Me: How te know?
Jacob: Listen...
They listened 2 bumping noises.
Me: Damn! Hope they wont have twins...or triplets...
Jacob: Wanna have twins?
Me: No! Gross!
Jacob: *smirking* Don't pretend...
Me: *smiling* Shut up!
Fiona: *knocking on the door* Roxanne! I gotta mostra te something!
Me: Come in!
Fiona walked in with a cute little dog in her hand.
Dog: link
Me: Awe! Adorable. But don't get it close 2 Jazzy.
Fiona: Why?
Jazmine: ciao guys.......DOG!!!...
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From Jazmine's P.O.V. (point of view)
I woke up the successivo day, and felt Trey's funky breath against me.
Me: Eww! Get your smelly cipolla mouth off of me!
Trey: I ate garlic gamberetto, gamberetti last night.
Me: Even worse *covering my nose*
Roxanne: Ever heard of brushing your teeth
Trey: Yeah! But I didn't feel like brushing....
Roxanne: Go now before te stink up the house with your hot breath.
Princeton: *cuddling 2 Roxanne*
Roxanne: He's sleeping like a angel.....I hate it! *thumping his head*
Princeton: Ow!
Roxanne: Wake up!
Princeton: *pulling her shirt* Didn't have 2 do that...
Roxanne: *looking down* Didn't have...
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posted by VioletBlu
ok..this is a domanda and a true story so im diviso, spalato it into 2 parts

Story:ok on Nov. 20th at dtlr at vcc(virginia center comman) i went to a mb meet and greet before the scream tour consert and when i got in line to see them i waited like 45 minutes.went i finnaly got into the store my mom told me"if they dont rush u ima ask roc if i can get a pic of him baciare u so u have prof at school u went" ok i waz nevrous a whole lot and as soon as i got them to sign my info sheet from there album roc waz looking at me.and when i got to himhe smiled and detto "nice to meet you" and winked at me(my mom...
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MB Cambio 2/29/12
Mindless Behavior
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