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 Ron and Hermione
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Some of these are canon illustrations, others are illustrations of fanfiction, but all are Romione so I'm happy!
fan art
Harry Potter
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(I just want to note that I'm not sure when Rose was actually born...I'm just making it Ch.3of this story.)

Ron felt terrible. He had betrayed her, and he felt sick. That bloody thing inside of her made Hermione....different. Really different. It made her hormonal, and hungry. All the time. "Ron...could te go into Honeydukes and get me some cauldron cakes please?" "Hermione, if te eat any più cauldron cakes, you'll turn into one." Ron walked into the living room to find Hermione lying down on the couch. She looked tired. "Mione, te ok?" Ron rushed over to her. "Ron, the only thing that's...
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Those are feelings of Hermione in sixth book, after Lavender SNOGGED Ron. I HATED this scene! And you? Well, anywa, enjoy
Hermione's P.O.V
I looked around the empty classroom, gripping the chitarra in my hand. Yes, I knew how to play guitar, and right now, I needed a moment of peace. I sat on one of the chairs, and lightly started to play, while Canto a song, that just popped out to my mind.

"Ronald Weasley, you're so thick.
The way te look at her, it makes me feel so sick.
Lavender Brown is such a....skank!
Is that really the kind of girl that te appreciate?

My hair's too frizzy; I'm too smart....
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